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In Support of the Re-Election of Dr. Glenn Rogers

I reside in beautiful Palo Pinto County. I’m a third generation educator, a retired high school principal, and a school trustee. As such, I am a strong advocate for public schools, and have the greatest respect for teachers – as does my friend and state representative, Dr. Glenn Rogers.

It greatly concerns Dr. Rogers that in today’s world teachers are not respected as professionals, and are blamed for societal issues beyond their control. I share this concern, and believe strongly that House District 60 is best served by a representative who does not shy away from publicly supporting teachers, and who will push back against those who do.

I heard Representative Rogers speak recently at a public ed forum. He spoke firmly and passionately about his dismay that public schools are under attack by political activists who relish belittling teachers, and who plot the demise of public school districts in order to divert public tax dollars to private schools.

School choice is a parental right; however, a voucher funded by your tax dollars should not pay for another’s choice of a private school education.

Representative Rogers concluded his remarks by stating emphatically that it is his constitutional duty as a member of the Texas Legislature to support public schools. He quoted Article 7 Section 1 of the Texas Constitution:

 A general diffusion of knowledge being essential to the preservation of the liberties and rights of the people, it shall be the duty of the Legislature of the State to establish and make suitable provision for the support and maintenance of an efficient system of public free schools.

Representative Rogers recognizes how vital the 15 public school districts in the newly re-districted HD60 are to their communities. He’s visited these districts, which are scattered across Palo Pinto, Parker, and Stephens counties. He’s met with the superintendents. And he’s provide an open line of communication by sharing his personal number.

Glenn Rogers is approachable – and he listens.

The 87th Legislature was Representative Rogers’ first term in office. His voting record on public education issues during the session was rock solid. He authored and passed the “13th check” legislation for retired educators, and increased the state’s contribution to TRS-Care. Both of these were top concerns of the more than 400,000 retired public educators across Texas.

Also, Representative Rogers voted to fully fund the Legislature’s pre-pandemic HB3 commitment to public education by investing $11.6 billion directly to the 1250 public independent school districts in Texas. In addition, Representative Rogers supported the adjustment for the small and midsized Career Technology Education allotment to ensure smaller school districts are not penalized for providing CTE instruction. This was a much needed and greatly appreciated funding adjustment for the school districts in HD60.

Glenn Rogers’ life has been shaped by public ed. His mother was a high school history teacher. After graduating from Graham High School, Glenn attended Texas A&M to become a veterinarian. Later, Glenn earned a post graduate degree at Kansas State University, then became a tenured associate professor of veterinary medicine at North Carolina State University. Also, Glenn served on the Graford ISD School Board.

Needless to say, Dr. Glenn Rogers exemplifies being a lifelong learner – and a learner who values public education.

The past few weeks, I’ve binge-watched Downton Abbey. In one of the last episodes, this line spoken by Mosley to Daisy captured my heart:  

Education is the gate that leads to any future worth having.

Let’s make sure the gate is wide open for all children to excel in our public schools. Re-elect Representative Glenn Rogers on March 1st.


Laura Jones
Gordon, TX

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