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Eastland County Child Abuse Awareness Proclamation 2024

Eastland County Judge, David Hullum read the Child Abuse Awareness Proclamation in front of the Eastland County Courthouse on Friday, April 5th. Blue pinwheels decorate the courthouse lawn during April. Prevent Child Abuse America designated the pinwheel as the national symbol for child abuse prevention in 2008. April is National Child Abuse Awareness Month.

Child Abuse Prevention Month Proclamation

There is a consensus across the country that it is necessary to build strong prevention systems as part of a robust family well-being system that not only supports families when they are in a crisis but is intentional in supporting families before they are in crisis. The universal challenges faced over the past three years have compounded the struggles children and families in our communities were already facing and heighten the urgency for us to consider what a robust family well-being system in Eastland County could and should look like.

In Eastland County, we believe that children thrive in safe, stable, nurturing families, within their own communities. Through establishing partnerships with families that capitalize on the collective strengths of parents and their children we can build strong, healthy families and resilient communities where children can thrive. Sadly, child maltreatment is still a significant public health issue. Communities that lack accessible supports and resources and are disproportionately affected by poverty can experience increased risk factors that lead to child abuse and neglect. Despite the complex factors that can lead to child maltreatment, it can be prevented.

Each year, the month of April is dedicated to recognizing the critical work being done across our great state to meet families upstream, before a crisis occurs, and offer them accessible lifelines that mitigate the challenges they face. Child abuse prevention occurs every day through the diligent work and tireless advocacy undertaken by Eastland County families, friends, neighbors, houses of faith, advocacy groups, nonprofit organizations, schools, health-care providers, social workers, and government agencies to support children and families in every community.

Child abuse prevention cannot be tasked to one community, agency, or system. Behind many families that succeeded on their own is a strong community that provided a way for the family to meet their needs. We must all work together to strengthen our communities and build localized supports that are accessible, contribute to the well-being of the entire community, and keep children and families safe and together. I encourage everyone to learn more about the many aspects of our communities working hard to create positive, healthy environments for the future leaders of our great state and nation. Together, we can create a brighter future for children, families and communities in Eastland County and ensure tomorrow’s leaders have the support they need to thrive and reach their potential.

Therefore, I, David Hullum, County Judge, do hereby proclaim April 2024 to be Child ASbuse Prevention Month in Eastland County, and urge the appropriate recognition whereof.

In official recognition where of, I hereby affix my signature this 25th day of March 2024.

Signed by Judge Hullum and each of the County Commissioners, Andy Maxwell, Precinct 1; James Crenshaw, Precinct 2; Ronnie Wilson, Precinct 3; Robert Rains, Precinct 4

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