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Educators, Parents and Supporters of Public Education Beware!

by Rep Glenn Rogers

An enemy to public education, Michael Quinn Sullivan, is coming to Mineral Wells on Monday, October 16, to address the Palo Pinto County “Conservatives.” He is the publisher of Texas Scorecard, an inflammatory and radical mouthpiece for billionaire financiers Tim Dunn and Faris Wilks, who have long advocated for privatization of public schools.

We all know how hard our local teachers and school leaders work to ensure that our students gain a well-rounded education. They work countless hours, well outside of the 40 hour work week, helping our students grow and learn. From sports practice, to band rehearsals, to academic club meetings, our teachers invest so much into their students. Public schools are the backbone of our community and teachers desperately need our support.

Sullivan had the audacity to tweet last January that public education is a “babysitting” service offered at the convenience of government employees. “Public education in Texas is about employing otherwise unemployable adults, not educating kids,” he tweeted.

Teachers, coaches, administrators–he is insulting you. I wonder if he would have the guts to say this aloud at Friday Night Lights in any of our amazing ISDs in District 60? The audacity to compare our hardworking, well-educated, and servant hearted teachers to “babysitters” and to say they are “unemployable” is despicable, disgusting, and disgraceful.

His cohort, Jonathan Stickland, who heads up the Defend Texas Liberty PAC tweeted recently, “If you love your kids, you will do everything possible to keep them out of government (public) schools.”

My opponent is  supported by both of these destructive and antagonistic political hacks. Sullivian has been invited by the Palo Pinto County “Conservatives” despite his demonstrated  hatred for our local public schools and teachers.

Around here, our public schools are the heart of our communities. We need to show teachers our support now more than ever. So before Sullivian arrives in town, let your friends and neighbors know what kind of person is being hosted by the Palo Pinto County “Conservatives” right here in Mineral Wells.

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