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Tea Party Patriots to Screen Transhumanism and the Original Lie: You Will be Like God

Tea Party Patriots of Eastland County invites you to a screening of Transhumanism and the Original Lie: You Will be Like God Thursday, April 13, at 6:30. This will be in the Big Dam Room of the beautiful Myrtle Wilks Community Center, 1498 West I 20, Cisco.
In this podcast 

Jan Markell hosts Pastors Billy Crone and Mark Henry. They show that the world is telling us, with a straight face, that we can live forever with the help of technology and artificial intelligence. One of Biden’s executive orders suggests the same.

This podcast is of special importance because it discusses transhumanism, defined as, “A belief that humans should strive to transcend the physical limitations of the mind and body by technological means.”

Isn’t that what the serpent told Eve in the garden? “You shall not surely die.”

Markell, Crone and Henry also discuss the end-time importance of King Charles III. Though this is ultimately fulfilled in the Tribulation, they say, all nations are now having “distress with perplexity” as prophesied in Luke 21.

Join us when the doors open at 6:00 p.m.

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