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Jimmy Jesse

Jimmy Jesse, 80, of Eastland, TX, passed away April 15, 2022 in his home. Born James Henry on June 12, 1941 to Cecil and Bertha Jesse in Eastland, TX at home. He was welcomed into the world by his big brother Johnny Buford (JB) and older sister Mary Jo. Later, he’d help welcome their younger sister, Margaret.

As a young boy of 5, his daddy and older brother introduced him to the joys of hunting and fishing. His love of fishing in particular, would serve his family food and fellowship together the rest of his life. His love of his mother and siblings made Eastland his lifetime home. He was employed in various positions in the oil and gas industry before retiring to proudly care for his own oil well.

He met a beautiful blue eyed blonde named Anne Clements in 1966 and told her she’d be his wife. On January 10, 1967, he was true to his word and did just that. Their marriage lasted almost 40 years.

On February 7, 1968 his life was changed forever with the birth of his first child, Deborah Anne (Debi). Despite her being a girl, he shared with her his love of hunting and fishing thus passing on his love for the outdoors. Debi’s fondest memories with her dad as a child are the many times he rocked her, singing, “I’ve got the whole world in me händs”, laughing with her. The most cherished ability to find the lighter side of any adversity is her biggest gift from him.

Then on June15, 1982 his life was made complete with the birth of his son, James Robert. He passed on the best parts of himself to his two children. His son James will tell you that steadfastness, patience, and generosity were the biggest gifts his dad gave him. His fondest memories are of listening to his dad tell stories and laughing with him.

He would say that his heart couldn’t be fuller. Then every grandchild and his great-granddaughter would prove him wrong. In order of birth, he was smitten time after time with Jessica, Jennifer, Jacob, Henry, Anna, and finally, Oliver, his grandchildren and Pearl, his great-granddaughter. Unconditional love and generosity were his gifts to them all.

There were also many nephews and nieces who brought him so much love and joy. From first to last, Mark Slaughter, Scott Webb, Tammy Rose, Kevin Webb, and Terry Rose.

There will be an intimate family gathering soon to carry out his final wishes. His ashes will be scattered from Eastland Lake Bridge into the water. A headstone in his memory will be erected in the Eastland cemetery.

Please make any memorial gifts to the American Kidney Fund or the charity of your liking.

Live YOUR life. Without apology.

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