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March 2023
Monthly Report

Calls and activities  306
Reports Generated63
Cases Filed with DA14
Juvenile cases2
Transport Mileage2,994
Civil Process48
Livestock calls50
Building checks68
Mental Health Services28
Mental Health Transports6

The month of March picked up with numerous calls for service.  50 of these calls were loose livestock calls.  A common misconception that we run across is that some owners think that Texas is an open range and fences aren’t required. In June of 1929, Eastland County adopted a “Stock Law” stating that horses, mules, jacks, jennets, hogs, sheep, goats, and cattle are not allowed to “run at large”. In addition, it requires a person with livestock to have a sufficient fence to keep the livestock contained on your property. This month we filed paperwork on an Estray, and issued some citations for loose livestock of repeat offenders. Although we know that the cattle are looking for greener pastures, it is extremely dangerous when they get out on the roadways. We ask that if you have livestock to please check and maintain your fences.

The county continues to have multiple accidents especially along Interstate 20. We assisted with over 32 accidents this month, providing help to motorists and traffic control for DPS. 

March continued to be filled with training. We had three dispatchers get certified and pass their state licensing exam. Also, two of the deputies and myself got our state certifications for courthouse security specialist.

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