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With temperatures in the 100s these past few days, the Eastland County Museum is facing a major obstacle: No air conditioning in the Museum.

Some months ago a large donation of seed money towards the cost of replacing the system in the Museum was received. This started the Museum looking for additional funding through grants, etc. An application for an area grant will be completed and submitted in July in hopes of funding to not only replace the system in the Museum, but to also replace the 40 to 50-year-old systems on the third floor.

So now we need bids to replace all of these HVAC systems for the grant application.

The first location is within the main Museum on the ground floor. We would like to replace a 10-ton (dead) conventional system with four 36K BTU, 3-ton, 19 Seer Mini Split systems.

The second location consists of 6 third floor office spaces. Replace all conventional systems with: one 18K BTU, 1.5 ton, 19 Seer; five 12K BTU, 19 Seer Mini Split systems.

All bids should include all electrical, materials, labor, etc. required to complete the projects.

We will be seeking a grant to cover much of the costs. The grant application period is from July 1 to July 31, 2023. Grants are not awarded until November through December of 2023. Work may not begin until March 2024. All bid pricing should take into consideration of the March 2024 begin date.

To schedule a site visit, please contact Terry Simmons at 254-631-6894.

Eastland County Museum is a Charitable Organization as designated by IRS Code 501 (c)(3). Any donation may be tax deductible. All donations are appreciated!

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