Your Medical Freedom Checkup: Jackie Schlegel and Krista McIntire to Speak

On Tuesday, January 5, 2021, at 6:00 p.m., Texas Family Defense and Tea Party Patriots of Eastland County will co-host a special presentation, “Your Medical Freedom Checkup,” in the Myrtle Wilks Community Center Auditorium. The Center is located at 1498 West I 20, Cisco.

Covid-19 vaccines are here, albeit under an Emergency Use Authorization (EUA). What does that mean for your school-age children? Your nursing home relatives? Your own attendance at sporting events? International travel?

Jackie Schlegel is Executive Director of Texans for Vaccine Choice (TFVC), an information and advocacy organization. Jackie will address many of these concerns.

Should you take the shots, or wait? How effective are they, and what are the risks?

In this time of questions and uncertainties, where do you turn for answers?

Speaking with Jackie is Krista McIntire, known and loved for helping families through perhaps their most challenging circumstances. Her topic is “CPS and Your Family’s Medical Freedom.” Families are under increasing attack for medical decisions they make concerning their children, says Krista.

Please join us for this important event Tuesday, January 5. There is no admission charge, and refreshments will be served.

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