World’s Longest, Slowest, Wheelie Record Set

Contributed by Cecil Funderburg

Bryan Jackson, who holds multiple official world records, attempted to set his 5th World Record on Saturday, April 13th 2019  in conjunction with the Eastland Chamber of Commerce Rip’s Ribs Cook Off. The attempt was for the World’s Longest Motorcycle Wheelie, at the slowest speed, being 10 miles at 10mph. The weather was intense with high winds, rain and thunderstorms but that didn’t keep Bryan from doing what he promised to do, and that was to try the attempt at 10:00 AM sharp starting at the Eastland Texas County Courthouse and proceed west on Main (State Highway 6) , escorted by law enforcement, to Cisco on 8th Street to Second Chance Ministries Thrift Store. The attempt failed in under 2 minutes, due to the adverse conditions, but Bryan was holding a trump card that only a couple of others knew about. He had actually completed the record in testing a couple of weeks prior and due to the complexity of the wheelie, he had everything in place to document it for registration. This was revealed in his live video feed after his failed attempt as originally scheduled. The video documenting both the failed attempt, and the successful record, can be found online on Bryan’s Facebook page and at

In preparation for the attempt, Bryan applied for permits and received approval from the Texas Department of Transportation and the Texas Film Commission. Letters of concurrence and approval have also been received from the two cities involved, Cisco, where Bryan was born and raised, and Eastland, where Bryan owns his businesses, Bryans Auto Supply, Bryans Signs, and Bryans Computers. This event brought favorable publicity to Eastland and Cisco, as well as Eastland County.  

Bryan and his wife, Tina, founded Vertical Adrenaline Motocross Ministries (VAMM), a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization in which he is an ordained minister and is also a licensed FCA Chaplain. Bryan travels the country using his accolades, motorcycle racing, and stunt shows, as a platform to captivate and inspire people to pursue Jesus Christ.  He has performed his dynamic stunt shows in front of over 100,000 people in the last couple of years, including in schools, churches, parades, arenas, and stadiums. Bryan’s performances, travels, and accolades have been covered in two documentary movies, “Ultimate Adrenaline” and “Adrenaline with The Preacherman”, as well as being featured on multiple TV broadcasts, national trade magazines, newspapers, radio, and digital media companies. 

Bryan Jackson World Record 2019, a Vertical Adrenaline Motocross Ministries Production a 501c(3) Non-Profit

WORLD RECORD APRIL 1, 2019 10.62 miles – 9.9mph AVG – Eastland TX. 

PURPOSE: To make smiles on faces and hearts and to Glorify God, 

To be the BEST I can be and foster a hope for all, To give tribute to “The Wheelie King” Doug Domokos RIP. 


Jesus Christ – enabler – savior – and King of Kings
Jeff Cox Action Photography – Bristow Oklahoma
Dove Aerial Photo & Video – Eastand Texas
Jay Reynolds Motorhead Events – Springfield Missouri
Dusty Messenger Fry’d Rice Cycles – Olden Texas 

Cecil Funderburgh – World Record Attempt Coordinator, pace car driver – Witness to World Record in practice, Tina Jackson – wife, best friend, filmer, and block driver. 


First Soundtrack – NF – Turn The Music Up, 2nd Soundtrack – The Score – Born For This, 3rd Soundtrack – Valley Of Wolves – Chosen One, Tornado Warning for Texas – Frankie MacDonald (YouTube)

USA Chant – Pres George W. Bush’s Remarks At Ground Zero after 911, Voice Don’t be afraid to fail big – Denzel Washington, Tornado Alarm – Audio Productions. 

Facebook: Bryan Jackson
Instagram: bryanjackson25
YouTube: VerticalAMM

All things Bryan Jackson and Vertical Adrenaline can be found online at as well as his Facebook and Instagram. He’ll have your face and heart smiling as he uses his God given gifts and talents as a platform and share the Gospel of Jesus Christ. 

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