Working Together Matters Now

Working Together Matters Now

Please remember this season is temporary.

With some strategic thought and inventive action we can keep our economy AND our health in a fit condition.

Small businesses are the foundation of all communities, and need our support just as much as we need what they have to offer us for quality goods and services.

Simple answer…… them when you have a need or a want. They are willing to work for your business.

Just Ask!

Here’s a promise…..Good business owners have already been up at night thinking, worrying, and planning for contingencies…..
how to stay in business and serve the people in the current days we are in.

Just Ask!

Business owners are creative and inventive by nature and are willing to use that ability to serve the community.

Just ask!

Curb side pick up, delivery of products, pick up – drop off, repair services scheduled when you are away etc.

Just Ask!

To us, it’s just that little store on the corner or a phone number on the refrigerator, but each business owner has most likely, personally put everything on the line and chose to locate their operation in our community.

Local small businesses can’t go weeks or months with little or no income without a devastating effect.

Potentially, without our support, they could loose everything personally and not be able to remain open.

Most small business support between 4 and 20 employees with families. That equates potentially to 8-40 family members, or more. These in turn spend money locally and the circle of life continues to flow.

$1 dollar can potentially pass 12-25 times in a local community when people commit to support the businesses where they live.

Online businesses based elsewhere will not be buying our children’s Ag animals at auction, tithing at local churches who help our local families, donating and volunteering at local charities, buying things they really don’t need from our children’s fund raiser just because, paying local tax to support first responders and our infrastructure etc etc etc.

Our daily needs haven’t changed, only how we operate.

If we MAKE the effort to support our local businesses, they will be here tomorrow after the storm has passed.

“Work” is the key word in
“Working Together”


J U S T A S K.

Practice Extra Hygiene, “Smart” Social Distancing, Pray, and Adapt To The Day.

Use Your Mind, Not Your Emotions.

This season will pass.

We need each other!

Best Regards,
Mike McClure

One Response to "Working Together Matters Now"

  1. Ruth York   April 18, 2020 at 8:54 AM

    Well said, Mike. Thanks!