Water is a Critical Issue Facing the Counties in State House District 60


John Henry Luton
Granbury/Lake Granbury
Jim Lattimore
Graford/Possum Kingdom Lake

Our families and communities are blessed! Throughout the Brazos Basin, this spring’s abundant rainfall has filled the river and lakes. Cattle are grazing belly deep in lush green grass, and our resources are abundant. COVID-19’s curse has us stymied in many ways, but we are adamant in looking forward into the future. We are concerned long-term about our natural resources—one of the greatest of which is our water. A higher power certainly controls when the rains will come. But, we can and should plan how best to manage and conserve the water with which we are blessed. Part of our plan must be to make certain we have the right representation in Austin to provide legislative guidance in the process. Our District 60 State Representative has to be our voice in Austin. That person must have a deep understanding and appreciation of the land, the water and all of our other natural resources. Without having grown up in this country and having the benefits of the experiences and guidance of a father, grandfather and forebearers who have toiled to make our area better, there is no way any individual can understand and appreciate the impact of decisions made in Austin. Those decisions have far-reaching consequences on District 60, its lands, its water and its people. We are both fifth generation Texans, having grown up in the Brazos Basin. Our roots go deep, back to and past the time when this was raw frontier. We appreciate the land and the many resources with which we are blessed. When we have water, it must be conserved so when rainfall is short, there is water to drink and to irrigate our crops. This is Texas. We know water is abundant right now but another drought will come. We have seen two record-setting droughts in our lifetimes. We don’t know when another will occur, but it is important that we be prepared. Dr. Glenn Rogers, like us, is a fifth generation Texan. His family has owned their ranch in the Post Oak Bend of the Brazos since 1906, and Glenn resides there today. He grew up on the ranch working with his grandfather and father through good weather and bad, dry spells and wet, good years.. Glenn understands what it is to sit on his porch and see the beautiful Brazos River. A graduate of Texas A&M and a doctor of veterinary medicine, Glenn is protective of our rural way of life and understands how critical water truly is. Often as not, if you are looking for Glenn, you’ll find him carrying hay to the cattle or worrying over a heifer that is having trouble with a calf.

Glenn knows District 60 from one fence post to another, from small towns to the bigger cities, and most importantly he cares about us. He will represent us in Austin for positive results and work to find solutions to policy and regulatory issues which impact us negatively. He is a man of the people, not the select few. Glenn is conservative and has a strong moral compass. He wants to preserve the legacies of so many of our long-time families as well as provide a climate where families new to the area can grow and prosper. Glenn will work to keep our area a great place to live and raise a family. Please join us in voting for Dr. Glenn Rogers on July 14. And remember, you may apply for a mail ballot now by contacting your county elections office.