Three Recent Postive COVID-19 Cases in Eastland County

According to Eastland County’s Health Official, Dr. Robert DeLuca, three Eastland County residents have recently tested positive for COVID-19. Two were tested outside of Eastland County with one of those retested. All came back as positive for COVID-19. One other person tested positive yesterday. All are quarantined. This brings the total positive cases in Eastland County to ten, with three active cases.

This is a reminder that COVID-19 is still active and can easily be brought into our county. To slow the spread it is imperative that we, as individuals, do what we can to protect those around us by wearing masks in public places, keep a 6′ distance and wash/sanitize your hands often.

Our economy’s success hinges on keeping the spread low and doing what we can to show the public we are serious about protecting each other.

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