The Texas Bucket List Visits Mae’s Meat Market & Bistro

Front – kneeling: Julie Petree, Devin Bufkin, Lexi Petree, Sitting: David Gwinn. Standing L to R: Shane McAuliffe, Lindsay Riffle, Leona Payne, Mitch Riffle, Kay Riffle, Dawson Bufkin, Kevin Plowman, Mary Ehresmann, Pam Dobbs, Annie Oden, Jacob Oden, Charla McDaniel
Shane McAuliffe in the middle of  filming The Texas Bucket List are the backdrop for Kay Riffle, Head Chef Pam Dobbs & Kevin Plowman.

Kay Riffle, owner of Mae’s Bistro, thought someone was pulling her leg a couple of weeks ago when she got a phone call about her restaurant being featured on a TV show called The Texas Bucket List.  Eventually she was convinced that a popular Texas TV show was headed for Eastland, Texas to feature her Bistro and Mae’s Meat Market owned by her brother, Kevin Plowman.

Mae’s opened two years ago and has been growing in popularity ever since.  From burgers to sirloin to chicken fried steak, and many things in between, Mae’s has figured out how to keep people coming back for more.    Serving a breakfast brunch starting at 8 a.m. moving on to weekday lunch specials and closing with a wide variety of dinner entrees,  Mae’s is there whenever you are hungry.   Don’t forget to top off your meal (or maybe just start off your meal to make sure you have room for it)  with a selection from the homemade pies and desserts.   A scroll through Mae’s Facebook Page will have you making plans to join them for the next meal!

Across the dining room from Mae’s kitchen is the meat market.  You can actually pick out your steak in the meat market and have them cook it for you in the Bistro.  There is always a variety of the best cuts of meat in the meat market provided by butchers who have decades of experience behind them.

Shane McAuliffe showing off Mae’s Maverick Burger

The Texas Bucket List, produced in College Station, began four years ago.  Shane McAuliffe, host of the show, travels around the State to showcase “everything you have to see, do, and experience in the Lone Star State before you ‘kick the bucket.'”.  It premiered on 12 stations, now airs on 22 stations and has been nominated for multiple Lone Star Emmy Awards.

Friday, June 17th, The Texas Bucket List spent half the day filming in Mae’s and giving the Maverick Burger a taste test.  After he left Mae’s, Shane spent a little time in downtown Eastland interviewing Chamber of Commerce manager, Cecil Funderburgh, about the legend of Old Rip.

The segment should air sometime in October.  We’ll keep you posted when we find out the exact date.

You can catch The Texas Bucket list on KTXS ABC Channel 12 out of Abilene.

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