The Open Door Sponsors Pam Stenzel

PamThis week The Open Door sponsored Pam Stenzel, an internationally well-known speaker on matters of sexuality and abstinence, to speak to 7th-12th graders at Albany, Breckenridge, Gorman, Ranger, Eastland, and Cisco schools.

Stenzel, who lives in southern Minnesota, speaks all over the world to more than 500,000 young adults each year about these concerns. She tackles today’s tough issues of sex with candor, insight, humor, and the challenge for young people to get the abstinence advantage.
Ruth York, an Open Door volunteer, praised Stenzel. “Pam Stenzel, herself a mother of three, knows how to reach teens and pre-teens in a powerful way,” York said. “Her style is blunt and unabashed but engaging. Her message, born of nine years in metropolitan pregnancy counseling centers and years of speaking to teens, is informed, unequivocal, persuasive, and encouraging. Highly recommended.”
Pam 1Teachers and other faculty made these comments:
“Pam was simply awesome this morning. Please let her know how much I appreciate her and her message.”
“What an amazing and effective speaker Pam Stenzel is. She kept the kids’ attention and was very ‘no holds barred’ about the effects one choice can make. Several of my 8th grade students voiced that they appreciated how she did not ‘baby’ the subject of sex.”
“She was GREAT- the kids really enjoyed her and listened to what she had to say. I enjoyed her as an adult, too, and appreciated her ‘bluntness’ and honesty.”
“Loved it, and would love to have her speak to our students every possible chance we can!”
“I liked how she praised and held up the kids who were making wise decisions… Some of the older students commented that they wished she had come when they were freshmen. It would have made a difference.”
The following comments were made by students:
“This was great! Our school needed to know about sex education.”
“I had no idea about STD’s.”
“Wow! I didn’t know how we could get STD’s.”
A 15 year old boy made a special trip to The Open Door this Thursday to explain the impact Pam had on him and his 17 year old friend.  “Pam managed to inspire me and my best friend enough to where we chose to be abstinent and immediately go and get checked for STD’s.”

Nakita McBride, Executive Director of The Open Door, added her praise. She said, “We had a great response from all the parents as well.”