The Legend of Ole Pudge Simmons

by Sam Williams


In Southern Eastland County

Way Down Texas Way

There Blazed a Dreadful Fire

One Sunny April Day!


The Heartless, Mindless Monster

Became a Flaming Sea

Raging Toward a Road

Called Three Twenty Three!


An Urgent Call Went Out

And Volunteers Gave Chase

To Catch the Fire’s Fury

At That Awful Place!


About a Dozen Firefighters

Braved the Danger Zone

Ole Pudge Simmons Led the Attack

Driving Six-Twenty-One!


They Fought The Fire Hard

And Much to Their Surprise

The Monster Cowered Down

Then Flashed at Twice its Size!


Choked by Ash and Embers

Engulfed in Smokey Haze

Fire Trucks Began to Burn

In the Monster’s Brutal Blaze!


The Flames Grew Swift

And Spread Toward Gorman Town.

Engine Five was Full Ablaze

And Billy Don was Down!


Eastland’s Tanker was Deep in Danger

When Honea Climbed Aboard!

Inside its Cab Was Far From Safe

Outside A Monster Roared!


Quickly Sizing up the Scene

As any Hero Would

Pudge Left the Safety of His Truck

To Help Them if He Could!


Tanker Six Could Scarcely Move

But Rakow Coaxed it Through

And a Little Push From Pudge

Finally Saved the Crew!


Matt Was Not as Tenured

As Others There That Day

And Though Severely Burned

He Never Turned Away!


With a Little Help From Pudge

Matt Rescued Billy Don

And Saved Him From the Fate

Reserved For Only One!


After All Were Saved

With Nothing More to Give

Greg Suddenly Missed the Coat

That Might Have Helped Him Live!


He Paid the Highest Price

To Help His Firehouse Brothers

And Finished His Life’s Work

Of Always Helping Others!


While It’s Natural to Doubt

That One Man Helped So Many

Those of Us Who Knew Him

Don’t Doubt It Any! No, Not Any!


If You’re a Non-Believer

Who Are We to Judge?

According to a Witness

The Credit Goes to Pudge!