The Greatest Constitution

Sr. Pastor Jerry MastonSomething We Enjoy

Freedom! Something we enjoy every day. From a selection at Wal-Mart to the choices we have when we buy a new car, freedom is something most of us just simply take for granted. You might say, and rightly so, “these freedoms belong to us.”

I, for one, am thankful this is true. But how did this come about? Today we select the brand of television we purchase and the shows we watch. We are even able to record our favorite show and watch it at a different time and on another day.

I have been to nations where these freedoms at one time were totally rare. In fact, they were totally non-existent. The liberties we enjoy today did not come from what is called a “New World Order.” But from what was delegated as a “New World.”

Our freedoms, our rights, should never be lost or even substituted. The Bible is clear on this. Recorded in Galatians 5:1a (NIV), the Bible says, “It is for freedom that Christ has made us free. Stand firm.”

Many people do not seem to comprehend the difference between freedom and socialism. If you cannot differentiate between two opposites, how will you know when one is lost or substituted?

Walk With The Wise

The Bible says if you walk with the wise long enough, you yourself will become wise. Wow! That sounds exciting. If this is true, what would the opposite be? If you walk with the ignorant, what would you become?

When I graduated from school, there were some young men who tossed their graduation caps in the air and swore they would never read another book again. Two things seemed to stem from this. One: They limited their own advancement in life. Two: That seemed to be the only promise some of them ever kept.

One promise every one of us should make and keep is the promise of recognizing and fulfilling our purpose. Without certain inalienable rights, our purpose will be displaced by the purpose of someone else. Under circumstances as this, it becomes impossible to possess any sense of personal fulfillment.

What Makes The Difference?

At the end of my life, I want to know that I made as much difference on Earth as possible. This may never be unless I am doing something right now. Excuses overcome possibilities all too often. Willful neglect can give the same effect as simple ignorance. Simple ignorance can have the same effect as total unconsciousness.

Another category of human nature is naivety. Naivety and wickedness can share the same end result. So, what are the excuses? Many are offered, but none are justifiable.

Can I really make a difference? When the things I do are weighed against the things I should and could have done, will the sum total be enough to have made a difference? Putting the question another way, “Will I have made enough difference to make a difference?”

All Can Be Lost

The forefathers of our great nation presented and adopted a constitution that would guarantee the freedoms we enjoy today. This was done well over two hundred years ago. Yet, our freedoms seem to be in jeopardy today.

One way our rights can be lost would be if the constitution was changed by congress and ratified by the states. Life as we know it would certainly be altered. Remember this statement: “The only way a dictator can be empowered is by removing the wealth and the freedom of a nation.”

There is another way the rights of a free nation can be lost. That is by forgetting or never knowing what those rights are. Please be reminded that “Ignorance is not Bliss.” Naivety and wickedness can share the same results.

All Is Not Lost

What we have today can save tomorrow. What we know today can shape tomorrow. Through the spectrum of hope and confidence of faith, all is not lost.

Someone said, “It’s not over till it’s over.” Another said, “Practice makes perfect.” I think the appropriate thing to say now is, “Let’s not quit until we get it right.”

A constitution that guarantees our freedom is already in place. We call it the Constitution of the United States. Let’s not underestimate its power on account of someone else’s agenda.

Question Of The Day

Why do people seem to take the constitution for granted? Having never read it, many are presumptuous of its defining message. For instance, most presume the “Bill Of Rights” will endure whether the ‘balance’ of powers stays in effect or not.

Did you know there was a constitution written by a Persian king? It was written to authorize the Jewish people to go back to Jerusalem and rebuild the temple. This is recorded in the first chapter of the book of Ezra. Instead of being called a constitution, it was called a proclamation. King Cyrus made this proclamation during the first year of his reign. It was law. Not even the adversaries of the Jews could change this law.

The balance of power in this proclamation was hinged on Cyrus’ authority and it at least continued through the reign of Artaxerxes and Darius.

The third chapter and verse of Ezra says that, “Despite their fear of the people around them: they continued to build on the foundation and to offer sacrifices to the Lord. The day came when King Darius made a decree for the Jewish people to halt their efforts in rebuilding this temple. At this time the Jews called upon Darius to search the annals and find the proclamation. When he did so, Darius submitted to its authority and wholeheartedly supported the work of the Jews.

The Greatest Constitution

The Constitution of the United States must be the greatest of any nation in the history of mankind.

Without invalidating our nation’s constitution, there is a constitution greater than it. It is the Bible and it is called “The Word of God.” It is a proclamation, a declaration, a constitution that cannot be changed.

So why do people seem to take the Bible for granted? Many, having never read it, are presumptuous of its defining message. They take for granted its validity. For instance, most presume the Bible will maintain its place whether the balance of powers stay in effect or not. The question here arises: did God create man or did man create God? Who authorizes who? One thing is for sure: man did not create himself. A pastor friend of mine was told by a man whom he was counseling, “I’ll have you know I am a self-made man!” My friend replied with humor, “If you are self-made, why did you make yourself so ugly?”

The point is: if man is self-created, why do we constantly need to call on a higher power?

God is that ‘Higher’ power. The prophet Jeremiah explained that if we trust in man, we will be cursed. He continued: if we trust in God we will be blessed.

Promises Of Hope

The eternal balance of power will continue to stay in effect. The promises and hopes of the “Great Proclamation”, the “Greatest Constitution”, will never be diminished by opposition. The legitimacy of the promises of hope lie in the answer of: “Do men reign supreme or does God.” Of course, the answer is found in the Bible.

Within the Lord’s Prayer, Jesus instructed us to pray “Thy will”. This is God’s constitution. “Thy will be done” is our prayer, or form, of ratifying the Greatest Constitution.

Jesus continued to pray these words: on earth as it is in Heaven.” When we employ God’s plan within our plan, we win the favor of God. When we facilitate God’s laws into our law, we do the will of God.

Thy Will Be Done

The best way I know how to support all of the above is to go back to the Lord’s Prayer. “Your kingdom come, Your will be done, on Earth as it is in Heaven.” You see, the Bible affirms in the book of Galatians that those who indulge in the works of the flesh will not inherit the kingdom of God.

Whether this speaks of “in Heaven” or “on Earth” the benefits of His hopes or promises will be lost apart from His will. The “Greatest Constitution” is founded in the kingdom of God. It should be received and ratified on earth.

The Purpose. The Plan. The Proclamation.

I sincerely desire the fulfilling aspects of knowing and serving my purpose in the plan and will of my Creator. Galatians 5:1 says, “It is for freedom that Christ has set us free.”

His purpose was to bring freedom to us. What a constitution! It is my constitution now to uphold and to preserve freedom.

Freedom! Something we enjoy every day. The “Greatest Constitution” grants this hope to us and to our future generation. As for me, I am concerned it may be taken away. But as far as I am concerned, it will never be given away!

Jerry Maston
Founder, Leadership Always