Texas Carry Seminar at Tea Party Patriots of Eastland County April 14

Holcomb Sr Terry 2016Please join us Thursday, April 14, at 6:30 p.m. for a free Texas Carry Seminar by Terry Holcomb, Sr., Executive Director of Texas Carry. This will be at the Myrtle Wilks Community Center, 1498 IH 20, in Cisco.

Terry will review recent legislative successes in protecting second amendment (gun) rights, educate the community about these changes, and discuss plans for future changes.

Terry especially welcomes city and county officials and judicial and law enforcement personnel to his seminars.

This extensive seminar is free and will cover topics such as
1) Knife Preemption
2) Unlawful exclusion of CHL holder by governmental entity
3) Open Carry (largest portion)
4) Campus Carry (optional)

Terry Holcomb is well known as the “open carry preacher.” In 2013 after seeing the failure of the Legislature to protect second amendment rights, Terry became one of the strongest gun rights activists in the state. With the lack of a strong gun rights group to lobby, litigate, and educate for all aspects of the second amendment, Texas Carry was born to advocate for those rights.

Terry grew up in Texas. He has a beautiful family with his wife, Gina. He also serves the community as Pastor of Cross Roads Baptist church in Oakhurst, Texas, president of the San Jacinto County Republican Club. He played an integral role in making expanding gun rights a priority of the platform.

Find more information at www.texascarry.org.