Rogers Statement on the Eastland County Candidate Forum

At tonight’s GOP political forum in Eastland, 3 of the 4 House District 60 candidates were in attendance. Jon Francis, Christopher Perricone, and Kellye SoRelle participated in the forum. Glenn Rogers, although originally slated to be part of the forum, released the following statement to explain why he changed his plans:

MINERAL WELLS, TX – Dr. Glenn Rogers, candidate for the Texas House District 60 seat, announced today that he will not be participating in tonight’s Eastland County candidate forum.
“It was brought to my attention moments ago that Fran Rhodes is the moderator for tonight’s candidate forum in Eastland,” said Rogers. “Ms. Rhodes is a contributor to Texas Scorecard, an online website that just this week published a misleading political hit piece about me and my position on two important issues.”
“Furthermore, Texas Scorecard is the online presence of Empower Texans, an extremist group that has received millions of dollars from the Wilks family,” continued Rogers. “My opponent, Jon Francis – son-in-law of Farris and JoAnn Wilks – has already been endorsed by Texas Scorecard.” 
“Having Ms. Rhodes serve as moderator of this event shows that not only will the event be biased in favor of my opponent, it shows that the Wilks family will do anything to tilt this election in their favor. This is unfair to not only me and the other candidates in the race, but it is unfair to the people of Eastland County and District 60,” said Rogers. 

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  1. Jerry   February 8, 2020 at 8:04 PM

    Jerry Maston
    John Hays, that’s the stupidest remark I have ever heard.
    Glen Rogers, you were afraid to speak to rural America. There was no bias in the questions. You are blaming and attacking others because of your own fears. Your attack on our county chair brought her to tears. You can’t stand on your own and speak for yourself so you blame the Wilks family, who are themselves a very good and conservative family. If you are conservative, how could the questions be stacked against you??? Your insecurity is the impetus for your fears and slurring remarks. I’ve had to call you out on this once before. If you can’t face a few hometown people from a hometown place like Eastland, TX, how will you stand up to the lobbyist and politicians in Austin?

  2. Benjamin Nelms   February 8, 2020 at 10:09 AM

    In today’s society where everyone gets a participation award just for showing up this candidate would not even be able to earn one of those! He releases a statement saying he did not want to come to the debate because he was worried that it would be bias? Or that there would be a certain political pressure in the room? Or that there would be people there that did not agree with him? Or that there was people that were better funded there than him? Am I interpreting this right? So if you are supporter of this man, let me ask you this question, What is the environment gonna be down in Austin? If whichever candidate gets elected I am hoping they are going down to Austin to bring our values and fundamentals to the forefront and swim against the current and not caved to peer pressure! To not be afraid of being the only person in the room speaking out against or for something that matters to District 60! But if you’re looking for a candidate that’s going to go down to Austin sit on their hands and do absolutely nothing here is your guy! I feel like he is just using this house seat for district 60 as a political ladder just one of the many steps to get to where he is looking to go.
    Shame on you sir! How dare you dismiss our entire county!
    As a Eastland County land owner Business owner and father I sincerely hope the rest of the people through district 60 are wise enough to see the actions of this man and understand that it is uphill from here! and if he caves under pressure on something as silly as a debate in Eastland County then what could he ever do for us having a seat in Austin?

  3. Angie Turner   February 7, 2020 at 11:01 AM

    Why attack and disparage someone or a family who has lived the American dream with modest beginnings becoming successful through hard work and ingenuity? The ‘rich’ is relative, someone always has more, and less, than YOU.

    The most recent IRS data, from 2016, shows that the top 10 percent of income earners pay almost 70 percent of federal income taxes. Not to mention, the ‘rich’ provide employment opportunities and donate to charitable causes. Do some research.

  4. Pam White   February 7, 2020 at 10:51 AM

    The TX HD 60 forum held in Eastland at the FBC last night was fair & unbiased toward any of the candidates! There was a great turn-out with approximately 150 people in attendance who are very interested & concerned about choosing the best person for each of our races, local, state & national. Mr. Rogers missed an excellent opportunity to get his message out to the people in Eastland County. He just told us we don’t matter! Shame on him!

  5. Angie Turner   February 7, 2020 at 10:21 AM

    The forum last night took place in Eastland, the county seat and heart of eight counties in Texas District 60. The questions provided for all candidates to answer were written by voters, not the moderator. It’s a shame Glen Rogers couldn’t make time to debate the issues of concern to the very constituents he seeks to represent.

  6. Kimmie Gentry   February 6, 2020 at 11:05 PM

    I’m a precinct chair in Eastland County,
    and can not believe you are even questioning the integrity of the forum tonight, our voters turned in questions to be asked tonight and were done Fairly and everyone had the same amount of time to answer them. The question in my mind is if you can’t handle a rural forum how can you handle Austin. I would bet if you ask the three that bothered to show up if it was done fair they would all answer yes. So no excuse you didn’t want to come. I heard how rude you were to our county chair and that doesn’t go over well with me at all, your lucky you didn’t talk to me, just because she is a women you tried to walk all over her and I hope all the other women knew how you talked to her and could have heard the conversation, I never ever speak out but enough is enough and you need to apologize to her. So quit making excuses and talking bad about other candidates and stick to why someone would want to vote for you.

  7. Vicky Johnston   February 6, 2020 at 10:07 PM

    I attended this forum gathering and thought it was very fairly managed. Each candidate had amole time to express their view on the questions asked. Every question touched upon the issues that we care about. Perhaps their could have been a few more questions yet those submitted did come directly from local constituency.

    The moderator offered absolutely no personal opinions! The venue was welcome to everyone. The organizers selected the moderator because of confidence in a professional manner to perform the function expected. She was gracious and respectful to each candidate and voter.

    It may be of interest to note, that I do not remember any reference to the Wilks family in particular outside of Jon Francis description of his background. He hid nothing! His concise responses to questions were distinct and well thought answers.

    The other candidates had the exact same opportunity and made their own points very well. Each of them have us insight to their background just as Mr. Francis did.

    Dr. Rogers missed a wonderful event to speak his mind. What we heard in the statement from him quoted here is apparently some form of sour grapes. If a candidate wants to be appreciated by voters then they should be able to meet the public in any venue afforded to them rather than offering statement smearing other candidates with muddy claims. I am disappointed that the only impression we received from Dr. Rogers is this printed statement rather than his coming to our area where we could actually look him in the eye and possibly shake his hand.

  8. Steve Hayes   February 6, 2020 at 9:06 PM

    All of three candidates that showed up were given the opportunity to answer the same questions. Theses questions were not originated by Ms. Rhodes, they were ALL from the voters. If Mr. Rogers did not want to answer the questions presented by the voters that is very disappointing. You can’t continue to dodge the people that vote and blame it on a “Wilks” conspiracy…..

  9. John Hays   February 6, 2020 at 8:55 PM

    The power hungry wilks will stop at nothing to promote their michigan yankee son on law…

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