Robert Butler for Ranger City Commissioner

“I would like to be a part of representing the ideas of the majority of Ranger. One of my primary goals is to consider as many different courses of action as possible, to allow for the best possible decisions. I will personally see that the information leading to decisions by the city council and the results of those meetings are published in our local news. I believe that the council’s actions should include discussions with our citizens, hearing ideas both ‘for’ and ‘against’ before voting on behalf of our community.” ~ City of Ranger Water Commissioner – Robert Dale Butler

My name is Robert Butler, and the pledges above are those that I made when I previously ran for election for the Water Commissioner seat on the Ranger City Council. I am proud that I held to those goals once elected. These are not words lightly spoken. These are part of my core beliefs. I can say the exact same words, now, years later – and they are still just as sincere.

At that time, I had returned home to Ranger to complete my college degree after my first tour in the military. We opened Bob’s Shell and Tire Center (later expanded to include Bob’s Burger Hut).

I ran for office to support the community; and I felt that the city must always keep an eye towards supporting existing and new businesses – that this is essential to the growth and well-being of the town.

During that time, we learned that City Council votes did not need to be unanimous, and that everyone voting their convictions without internal conflict resulted in better ideas. Our philosophy was that we welcomed differences of beliefs, otherwise, we would only need one person on the council.

This is why – I am running for Place 2 on the Ranger City Council in the upcoming General Municipal Elections.

I look forward to having the opportunity to serve on the Ranger City Council on behalf of our town – and as a representative for each of you.

My wife Susie and I have incredible memories and friendships here that are extremely important, and we are very happy to be back home. I feel very strongly about patriotism and service. I have had the opportunity to serve our country in the military, private sector, and civil service since we graduated from Ranger High School in 1975.

Susie served as a family assistance support officer for deployed military families and she served as a Court Appointed Special Advocate for Children in Maryland.  We understand the challenges families face and how a community can help.  Susie has had several businesses including several military sewing contracts. We are excited about her new business here in Ranger.  She does custom sewing, pattern making and alterations for bridal and formal gowns.  She still maintains her contracts from the Maryland/DC area.

In my current job, I am responsible for the safety, security, and emergency preparedness for facilities and staff over an eleven-state region. I have many years of experience in Administration, Large Organizational Budgets, Personnel, Operations, Logistics, and Emergency Management. I am familiar with Federal Government programs – and how these programs can support small communities like ours.

I would like to ask each of you for your endorsement – and your vote – in the upcoming city election. We have really enjoyed our opportunities to contribute to Ranger, however, we look forward to doing more!

So, I ask each of you for your support, but more importantly I am interested in your ideas on how to revitalize Ranger. If elected, I will conduct regular town hall sessions with the community and provide articles on how the city is supporting you.

Some of the goals we should consider includes developing a Grant writing team; outreach and coordination with other Economic Development Corporations and Chambers of Commerce to build businesses; and, long term planning which allows us to best use our dollars and resources on projects that meet the needs of the whole community. 

We have some very good resources in our town, such as, the interstate, a two-year college, the Ranger Antique airfield, our Ranger museums, and some tremendous non-profit groups dedicated to helping our community. 

I believe we have an opportunity as a city to support our businesses, non-profits, and faith-based organizations as they work every day to improve our city – to build an opportunity for growth. WORKING TOGETHER!

Additional information on my experience that I can share with the community and my contact information is on my website at:

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