Rex Fields Announces For Re-Election as County Judge


I am proud to announce my candidacy for re-election to the position of county judge of Eastland County and ask for your support for my fourth term as the Eastland County Judge. It has been the highlight of my professional career to be your judge for more than eleven years. I have endeavored to conduct the matters of the county court and commissioners court to the highest standard while observing all applicable codes and while utilizing all information available to me at the time to do what seemed best.

I grew up in Cisco, graduated from Cisco High School, have an associate degree from Cisco Jr. College, a bachelor’s degree in finance from Tarleton State University, and a master’s degree in business administration from Hardin-Simmons University. I hold a professional license as a Texas Real Estate Broker.

I currently serve as a member on the following boards: Executive Committee for West Central Texas Council of Governments, 2nd Vice President of the West Texas County Judges and Commissioners Association, Central Texas Rural Transit District, Texas HHSC Guardianship Advisory Board, Eastland County Co-Operative EMS, and Eastland County Juvenile Board. I have also been a member of the Cisco Rotary Club for more than 23 years.

Each year that I have been your county judge, I have exceeded the required hours for continuing education for this elected position. I have been recognized multiple times for professional achievement in judicial education by the Texas Judicial Academy, a partnership between the Texas Association of Counties and Texas Tech Law School. Several times I have been invited to teach classes to other judges on subjects such as guardianship, emergency management, and county budgeting.

The duties of the Eastland County Judge are wide and diverse. I am the presiding officer over the commissioners’ court which is the administrative body for the business of the county government. Commissioners’ court develops the annual county budget, sets the county tax rate, enters into contracts with vendors and other entities, and in general establishes policy and procedure to maintain the many services provided by Eastland County to the citizens.

I am also the judge for the county court which adjudicates probate matters involving guardianships, estates, and wills. The county court also has jurisdiction for criminal misdemeanor cases of class A and class B offenses. I also hear appeals from city courts and from justice court. As your county judge, I am also the county emergency management director and flood plain management administrator. Finally, I supervise the facilities staff for the maintenance operations of the courthouse and annex.

I also want to be re-elected as the Eastland County Judge to see some major projects in our county get finished. There are several projects happening in our county, but I will name just two where I have been personally involved: Ranger Hill on Interstate 20 and Lake Leon Dam.

Ranger Hill is being modified into a much safer route to travel. The incline will be reduced, the curvature of the road will be reduced, access lanes will be added both east and west, and the new section will have a westbound climbing lane for heavy vehicle traffic. These changes will give better safety for the traveling public and for first responders that protect and serve folks in that stretch of I-20. I have worked closely with TXDOT, state and federal legislators, and the public to see this huge project started. I want to see it completed for all concerned.

After the FEMA-declared floods in 2015 and again in 2016, the earthen dam at Lake Leon was significantly damaged and dozens of homes were flooded once again around the lake. The Eastland County Water Supply District (ECWSD) which owns the impoundment area, dam, and spill basin worked with the county to obtain grants for design, engineering, and grant application/administration for improvements. The County does not own the ECWSD, but certainly wanted to give any and all county assistance to ECWSD to stabilize the dam and build an additional spillway to allow excess water to drain out faster than just the existing morning glory spillway. The County and the water district are far along in the contracting for design, engineering, and funding for these vital projects. Lake Leon supplies treated water to approximately 2/3 of the population of Eastland County; this work has to be done and I would like to see these improvements finished.

Finally, I have a deep respect for the office of Eastland County Judge. My predecessors have left a legacy that I uphold daily for the folks in Eastland County. I would sincerely appreciate the chance to continue the work that I started on January 1, 2007. Please consider voting for me in the March 6 Republican primary election.

Respectfully submitted.

I sincerely thank you for your consideration,

Rex Fields

One Response to "Rex Fields Announces For Re-Election as County Judge"

  1. Libby   February 3, 2018 at 9:17 PM

    Having purchased property on Lake Leon in May of ‘07 and permanently residing here in ‘12; I have nothing but the upmost respect for your past performance. You have our vote.