Ranger Skate Park Dedicated

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As a group of young people with skate boards, scooters and bikes watched, a ribbon cutting was held at the dedication of the Ranger Skate park Saturday, November 19th.  Steve Gerdes gave a little history of how the park came to be.  It seems several kids mentioned to the Ranger City librarian, Diana McCullough, that the city needed a skate park.  McCullough encouraged the kids to start up a petition, which they did.  The Ranger Economic Development Corp. took on the task of bringing a skate park to Ranger.  Metal ramps, rails and a half pipe were purchased before they even had a home for it all.  Richard and Anita Squyres, owners of Sherri’s Pizza and Arcade, donated the lot across the street from their business for the park.  Gerdes thanked a list of people and entities that had contributed to bringing a skate park to the kids of the area.  The Ranger Skate Park is in the 500 block of W. Main in Ranger just a couple of blocks from the City Park and swimming pool.

One Response to "Ranger Skate Park Dedicated"

  1. Ronny Dawson   November 27, 2016 at 4:41 AM

    Great job guys. Making Ranger a place people want to live. Hoping some pro skaters will put on a exhibition at some point.