Ranger Future Leaders Engagement Program Seeking Participants

The City of Ranger is supporting the Future Leaders Engagement Program for the 2019-2020 school year. The purpose of the program is to incorporate youth in public planning, policy and decision-making to benefit the City of Ranger both now and in the future. The program begins in September and ends in May of 2020.

Participants in the Future Leaders Engagement Program earn a Certificate of Achievement and learn new skills in:
– Public Planning
– Program Management
– Team Building
– Business Tools

This program is looking for a working group of young people that are interested in participating in discussions, analysis of issues, and are willing to offer recommendations while working with the City Council of Ranger and the many organizations that support the city.

The program is open to Juniors and Seniors in Ranger High School and students attending Ranger College. The program offers training opportunities; resume development; professional skills development; and, networking.

For more information, you can email: RangerFutureLeaders@gmail.com.