Opinion: After the Storm

Man we seem to live amongst a bunch whiners here. All I’ve seen are complaints about the way Oncor and some of the local retailers have handled the power outage after the storm Sunday evening. Everyone has a better plan for the companies that had to deal with the problems that came because of the outage. But many of those complaining don’t seem to know the regulations or the logistics which makes their suggestions irrelevant.

Come on people, we were without power for how long?? Definitely less than 24 hours. How far is it to the next grocery store, restaurant, etc.? Cisco and Ranger both still had power.. so you would have had to endure what? … a 10 mile drive? It was a cool night so no one had to deal with sweltering heat. I slept pretty comfortably without the a/c on. I bet someone from Puerto Rico that survived Hurricane Maria would really laugh to read the complaints about the minor inconvenience this power outage caused us. Quit ur bitchin’ and enjoy the pretty days we’re having now and the ability to turn the lights and a/c on.

Thank you to all who worked through the night and the next day to restore our electricity. Thanks to all the retailers for getting back up and running as quickly as they could (after all, they were losing money every hour they were closed, so they didn’t really do this just to piss off the community). And I’m sorry all of the ones working hard as a result of the storms are having to read all the complaints about how you did things wrong or not fast enough.

Wouldn’t we look better as a community if we were more supportive of our businesses? I’m always reading complaints because we don’t have enough businesses.. but then we subject the ones we have to public scorn. 😡

~Julie Elrod
Eastland, Texas

One Response to "Opinion: After the Storm"

  1. John   July 1, 2019 at 11:15 AM

    Julie, I agree. Thanks for writing this.