One Clear Choice Candidate

To the Voters of District 60:

Early voting is now underway for primary contests in our state. I want to call special attention to the District 60 State Representative race and those who are running. I truly believe there is only one clear choice candidate who meets the standards outlined by the Republican party and will honorably serve the voters in this district…and that is Dr. Glenn Rogers.

Over the last 12-15 years, the Republican party has undergone a radicalization in the same way the Democratic Party has. Hence the nickname RINO (Republican in Name Only). In much of Texas, if you want to be elected, the only way is on the Republican Party Ticket.

Conservative Democrats have switched to the Republican Party and there is also the rise of the Tea Party, which I believe is foundationally Libertarian. More and more Libertarians are being elected as Republicans and changing the core beliefs of the party.

Then there is Jon Francis. He proclaims to be in favor of the entire platform adopted by the Republican party of Texas. If you have read the platform, you will find items throughout the platform that are contradictory. He says he isn’t taking PAC money. My question is: What is the issue with receiving endorsements or financial support from PACs? If it is an issue, then why does he choose to funnel money as part of his job to PACs on behalf of the Wilks’. He claims he hasn’t taken any PAC money. Who is he kidding? The Wilks’ family makes up one of the largest contributors to groups like Empower Texans, Texas Right to life, Texans for Fiscal Responsibility and now there is the newly formed Texans for Vaccine Choice. These are not independent of one another. They are all one in the same.

Look at who has endorsed Jon Francis versus Glenn Rogers. First and foremost, not a single person or organization who has endorsed Glenn has received money or special favors. He earned their endorsement by sitting down and talking about the issues. On the other hand, Francis’ endorsements come to him because each of them (except for a few individuals) have received substantial amounts of money from Francis’ in-laws, the Wilks, and Empower Texans.

Dr. James Dobson of Family Talk – $1,500,000 from Farris Wilks’ Thirteen Foundation (which Francis runs), Young Conservatives of Texas – $66,000 from Empower Texans

Texas Home School Coalition – $497,500 from Farris Wilks, Ted Cruz – $15,000,000 from Wilks family via the Keep the Promise III PAC , Sid Miller – $72,500 from Empower Texans donors and $10,000 from Texas Right to Life, Cullen Crisp – $67,500 from Empower Texans and $15,000 from Farris Wilks, Charles Perry – $54,043 from Empower Texans and $25,000 from Farris Wilks, Ken Paxton – $402,570 from Empower Texans and $375,000 from Farris Wilks, Texas Right to Life – $2,465,000 from Farris Wilks, Empower Texans (Texans for Fiscal Responsibility) – $1,819,500 from Farris Wilks.

The endorsements Jon Francis has received were bought and paid for…pure and simple!

Jon Francis is also endorsed by Mike Lang. What a great rep he was! How well did he serve his district after 4 years? How often did he make himself available to the citizens in your community? Lang was handpicked by the Wilks so we can only imagine what the future may hold if Francis is elected.

We do not need to elect someone who is going to be merely a puppet for his family. He is not a Texan; he is a transplant from Michigan. He proclaims to be a Christian but if you look at the doctrinal beliefs of his Church, which his wife’s family created, pick and choose scripture and mold it into want they want to believe. One example is they do not believe in the Trinity and the Holy Spirit doesn’t even exist in their faith. Also, referring to our Savior as Jesus is considered blasphemy.

Francis, his family, and their political affiliations certainly don’t adhere to the teachings of Jesus or even basic 10 commandments (Thou shalt not bear false witness). Just open your mailbox and read the mailers that are full of lies and deception. They are willing to put aside certain Christian principles to gain political power.

I am frustrated with politicians using their so-called faith as political propaganda to persuade genuine believers to earn votes. First, let me say I accepted Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior at the age of 11 and faithfully serve my church and other Christian-based organizations. However, I ask, where did Jesus ever teach His followers to use government as a method to save humanity? Never!

As a conservative Republican, I believe that government’s purpose is not to solve all our problems. Abortion, Violence, Sexual Immorality, Marriage, Greed…these are human issues that are derived from a person’s heart and soul. Laws are not going to fix these or other problems in society. If you want to fix these moral issues, then as Christians we should focus on changing people’s hearts by sharing God’s love and allow our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ to transform humanity. Live as Jesus commanded…Love God, love your neighbor, and share with others about how He can save and transform lives.

Yes, we absolutely need God-fearing men and women to lead and serve…that they will be guided by divine wisdom. However, our forefathers knew how volatile government and faith can be if you try to intermingle them in the way the Wilks’ demand. No wonder our nation’s founders established “separation of church and state” as part of the First Amendment to our U.S. Constitution.

With that being said, I know that Glenn Rogers is the person we need in Austin who understands the role of government. He is an honest and humble servant…to God, to his family, and to the people of District 60. He understands the values we hold dear because he is one of us. Glenn is a breath of fresh air who truly wants to talk about the issues that impact the lives in rural Texas…our livelihood with good jobs, our children’s future with good schools, and our availability to quality healthcare.

You judge a man’s character by looking into his heart and at his actions, not his words. Many have been fooled by men with a forked tongue. Don’t make that mistake.

I ask you to consider voting for Glenn Rogers for Texas State Representative for District 60.

Ryan Roach
Mineral Wells, TX

6 Responses to "One Clear Choice Candidate"

  1. Tessa Robinson   February 25, 2020 at 9:04 PM

    I posted this comment on the Mineral Wells Index’s page, but I’ll go ahead and post this here because I cannot tolerate the lies of Roger’s supporters.

    This article/letter is based on lies, if you’re going to try and trash the Wilks, at least tell the truth.

    Attacking someone’s religion (with lies nonetheless) is not okay. Yahweh is God’s name in Hebrew they are literally just using his proper title, how stupid can you be making claims. Not only that, but the Wilks believe the whole bible, they don’t “pick and choose” as you claim, that is false.

    If I were a complete outsider, just moved to the district recently and knew nothing about any candidates, the lies of Dr. Rogers and his supporters would have made me vote for Any candidate over him.

    Jon is a good, honest man, and it speaks for his character when you can’t come up with any true and have to resort to falsehoods to say anything bad about him and his family.

    I said this on a post Dr Rogers made on his campaign page, but I think it applies very well here because this person made many of the same claims.
    “Why do you feel the need to trash a candidate’s family? That’s just plain dirty politics.
    I have known the Wilks my whole life and they are wonderful people and definitely not a “cartel”. They are supporting him because he is their son-in-law and they trust him. Is it not a good thing that after knowing him for 27 years they still fully support him? While Jon is pointing out flaws in your policies, you are all out attacking him and his family.

    And why is his being from Michigan that important? He’s lived in Texas longer than he lived in Michigan, so I don’t even see your point there.

    And the Wilks are not a “cartel” or a “cult” as you claim. They are a family who spent most of their life being regular people living the life of the average person, they got lucky and now they’re living the American dream. If you are the conservative you claim to be, this should be a good thing.

    To be honest, I think you’re jealous. If the Wilks didn’t have someone in the race and donated to you, you’d certainly have no problem with them.

    Also, in your flier you sent out where you trash Jon, you claim that “he says he won’t accept money from PACs, yet he managed a big PAC”, if you weren’t just grasping at straws to trash him, you’d know that managing a PAC is not anywhere near the same as taking money from one.

    Anyways, that’s some big talk from someone who’s already been bought.

    Stop trying to trash Jon, it makes you look bad. And while Jon and Kellye are both doing it now, you definitely started it, and you are the one grasping at straws trying to trash your opponent.”

  2. Dana McKelvain   February 25, 2020 at 3:34 PM

    After reading this “epistle” that covered the waterfront, I laughed out loud. Although Dr. Rogers called the Wilks family a “cartel” this is the real “hit” piece. I read it as an act of desperation when you are loosing on actual issues, then you resort to this kind of attack. Let’s talk about real issues: 1. According to the Palo Pinto CAD and Parker CAD there are real questions whether Dr. Rogers really “lives” in HD60 or just owns property in the district. 2. Either Dr. Rogers does not actually know what Constitutional Carry is or he wants to REQUIRE training. 3. First he was AGAINST banning taxpayer funded lobbying, then he was for BANNING, now….???? I can’t keep up but I do know 94% of the delegates to the convention were against it. My husband and I were delegates. 4. He says is prolife but worked for many years for the company that manufactures the second step of RU486, the abortion pill ? 5. Dr. Rogers’s children have and go to the Aledo ISD vs. Jon Francis’s children (homeschool for one, private school for one, Cisco ISD currently for one, all depending upon their individual needs over the last 27 years) 6. Dr. Rogers refuses to publicly support the planks and priorities from the last Republican Party of Texas State Convention vs. Jon Francis who does, so if you call yourself a Republican, support the RPT or call yourself an independent or Democrat. 7. As to the money issue, according to Texas Transparency of all money reported per the Texas Ethics Commission is as follows: Roger receiving 36% in district/64% out of district vs. Francis receiving 91% in district/9% out of district. 8. This is personal, but a candidate’s faith and family are off limits. Only Democrats go there. Look at what the Democrats said about President Trump’s faith and family. 9. Dr.Rogers has “evolved” on several issues vs. Jon Francis who has remained consistent. Consistency tells me about your character and commitment and is an indicator of how a candidate will represent HD60 in Austin. Bottom line, my values align with Jon Francis: FAITH first, CONSERVATIVE second, and REPUBLICAN third.

  3. Garry Yeildinh   February 25, 2020 at 11:02 AM

    Three of the counties in District 60 were involved in an attempted annexatikn into the Ranger JUCO taxing district with a $.42 per 100 cap. The president of Ranger JUCO and a board of regent member are supporting Rogers. Rogers has a $390K +- home in Aledo, not in district 60, claims to live in a $40k mobile home in Grafford. Until recently he claimed homestead exemptions on both, illegal, verified by our local taxing district. He supports tax payer funded lobyist. He claims to support constitutional carry with restrictions. Worst of all he us endorsed by RINO Mike Connaway. Like this is a good thing.

  4. Julia Taylor   February 25, 2020 at 10:55 AM

    Wow! Talk about misinformation! Dr Rogers is/has been employed by Pfizer which is very pro abortion. He’s endorsed by several pro-choice, pro-abortion entities. He’s flip flopped on if he does or does not agree with the ban on taxpayer funded lobbyists. One of his endorsers, former Gov Rick Perry, got him to say he agreed with the ban on taxpayer funded lobbyists, then Congressman Mike Conaway got him to go back to agreeing to allow taxpayer funded lobbyists! Flip flopping is a Democrat’s trait! That doesn’t even touch the fact that Dr Rogers moved from his comfy $400,000 valued home with his wife and family in August to move into the district into the $35,000 hunters trailer house on a ranch he own. He’s supported by many of the biggest lobbyists in Austin; no wonder they want him in Austin! He’s not for us, the voters of HD60! I’m biting Jon Francis – he shares my values. Dr Rogers does NOT!

  5. Angie Turner   February 25, 2020 at 10:18 AM

    The author inaccurately claims that Empower Texans, Texas Rights to Life and Texans for Vaccine Choice are not independent organizations, rather “They are all one in the same.” Mr. Roach in incorrect … Do your research! Are the Wilks not allowed to exercise freedom of association to support organizations and whomever they feel best represents their values on issues they believe are important merely because they have more money than YOU? Ideas contrary to constitutional principles are rooted in relativism and leftist ideology, rather than conservative Republican principles of LIBERTY.

    Jon Francis has pledged not to accept donations from special interest group, political action committees – PACS as a means of raising support and/or money from causes contrary to his stance on the issues TXHD60 voters deem important. For example, he believes taxpayer funded lobbying in Austin is immoral. Local elected officials most often are members of TLM, Texas Municipal League which requires membership fees (from taxpayer dollars) under the guise of protecting local communities; but that does not mean taxpayers, rather a bureaucratic entity. Municipal officials then go to Austin (on the taxpayers’ dime) to lobby privately in representatives’ offices or publicly providing committee hearing testimony contrary to what constituents have requested of their legislators … lower taxes is a prime issue.

    An association, league or union’s primary motivation is NOT to represent taxpayers, rather their membership ONLY … It is a special interest group which seeks policies at taxpayer expense. I have been in Austin on multiple occasions and personally witnessed special interest group leadership providing testimony against taxpayers who have requested their representative introduce legislation to remedy high costs. Sometimes mayors lobby against taxpayers, but most often they are NOT elected officials, rather bureaucrats of a local entity.

    It is the TXHD60 representative who REPRESENTS ‘We the People’ and YOUR interests as a constituent. And on March 3rd, voters will decide who best represents their values on matters of social and fiscal responsibility and accountability. This is how constitutional federalism works. Remember civics class in school?

  6. Angie Turner   February 25, 2020 at 9:40 AM

    The author’s lack of research, inaccuracies and contradictions of logic and philosophy now made public are on full display in this article. While the opening paragraph leads the reader to think he will provide reasons why his chosen candidate for the TXHD60 race is the best qualified based on legislative issues adopted by the Texas Republican Party platform are forthcoming, the author fails in this endeavor as the bulk of the article only disparages another candidate and attacks him primarily on the basis of religion. Throughout this opinion piece, Mr. Roach makes false claims about the candidate’s faith. I doubt he has ever visited Jon Francis’ church as I have, or asked him about his personal beliefs; rather the author gathered misinformation from third party RUMORS … Not worthy of being printed in a news publication.

    The flawed premise of the author’s philosophical reasoning isn’t apparent until the conclusion of the article when he inaccurately describes the Framers’ basis for the ‘separation of church and state’ doctrine as being found in the First Amendment. The words ‘separation of church and state’ are nowhere in the U.S. Constitution; and the Framers did NOT believe government was purely secular in nature. John Adams said it best, “Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other.” The Framers’ prohibition in the First Amendment was only on the federal government’s establishment of a particular religion as demonstrated in European history. The author advocates for legislators to address three areas, namely job opportunities, education and healthcare. However, he doesn’t believe our elected representatives ought to be legislating on social issues such as abortion, violent crime and sexual immorality. Mr. Roach’s position is NOT a Conservative Republican viewpoint as reflected by the Texas GOP platform; and it is contrary to the Tenth Amendment which states, “The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.” State government is precisely where these social ills/issues are to be addressed and legislated, ‘of the people, by the people and for the people.’