New Eastland City Ordinance Prohibits Using Other’s Dumpsters, Meddling, Etc.

The City of Eastland enacted a new Solid Waste Ordinance in January of 2020. This new ordinance prohibits the use of a garbage receptacles (carts or dumpsters) that do not belong to, or authorized for use, by others.

The actual language of the ordinance in part reads:

Sec. 13-1. Prohibited dumping – (a) No person shall dump or otherwise dispose of trash, garbage, junk, brush trimmings, or other rubbish of any kind at any location in the City except the City Convenience Center or at places and in such containers as may be authorized by the City for regular garbage pickup. (b) No person, except the owner or lessee of the container or the tenants of the lessee, shall dump or dispose of trash, garbage, junk, brush trimmings, or other rubbish in containers owned or leased by the City, the City’s contractor, or others.

Penalties for violations of any of the above may not be more than $500 unless the violation is related to public health and safety and then up to $2,000, or not more than $5,000 if the violation is found to be related to the dumping of refuse.

The Solid Waste Ordinance also prohibits the meddling (dumpster diving) with garbage, refuse, trash or rubbish receptacles or the pilfering or scattering of the contents in any alley or street within the City.

The ordinance also prohibits the placing of garbage, trash, etc in city streets; to accumulate or permit the accumulation of trash, garbage, junk, or other rubbish; or to burn garbage, offal, or rubbish within the city.

Eastland Code Compliance and Eastland Police Department have begun enforcing these new ordinances and warnings may be given for the first offense at the discretion of the working department.

For questions on these or other City matters please call during business hours at 254-629-8321

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