Mulberry School 2015 Graduates


Thalia Beltran Thalia Beltran, daughter of Robert & Rosa Beltran

Thalia wants to be a princess when she grows up.

Hayden Bird Hayden Aubrey Bird, son of Richard & Cathy Bird

Hayden wants to be a bucking bull rider when he grows up

Ryder Boykin Ryder Hudson Boykin, son of Johnny & Brittni Boykin

Ryder wants to be a Thunderbird pilot when he grows up.

Leah Carter Leah Elizabeth Carter, daughter of Michael & Katie Carter

Leah wants to be a cowgirl when she grows up.

Brinlee Crowder Brinlee Jade Crowder, daughter of Josh & Kipi Crowder

Brinlee wants to be a pet doctor and work at the zoo when she grows up.

Grayson Davis Grayson Taylor Davis, son of Morgan Davis

When he grows up, Grayson wants to be a police but what he really wants to be is a farmer like Uncle Hay-Hay

Karsyn Dodrill Karsyn Dodrill, daughter of Kyle & Christina Dodrill

Karsyn wants to be Elsa when she grows up

Aubryn Fox Aubryn Sierra Fox, daughter of Kirt & Sabrina Fox

When she grows up, Aubryn wants to take care of dogs teeth even though she wants to be a princess. Aubryn also wants to be a dentist to take care of people teeth.

Hannah Gideon Hannah Marie Gideon, daughter of Greg & Dana Gideon

When she grows up, Hannah wants to be a dragon rider or a momma.

Molly Hallmark Molly Hallmark, daughter of Joseph & Jennifer Hallmark

Molly wants to be a cheerleader and a doctor when she grows up.

Corbin Harrison Corbin Harrison, son of Rylan & Stephanie Harrison

Corbin wants to be an astronaut when he grows up.

Myla Huffman Myla Kross Huffman, daughter of Crystal & Chad Huffman

Myla wants to be a cowgirl when she grows up.

Krystin Johnston Kyrstin Ann Johnston, daughter of Will & Candace Johnston

Kyrstin wants to be a cowgirl when she grows up

Connor  Kanady Connor Riggin Kanady, son of Sarah Kanady & Chad Kanady.

Connor wants to be a wrestler when he grows up.

Kase Kirkland Kase Michael Kirkland, son of Brent & Jennifer Kirkland

Kase wants to be a firefighter when he grows up.

Daxlee Lynch Daxlee De’Ann Lynch, daughter of Michael & Kendra Lynch

Daxlee wants to be a teacher when she grows up.

Maggie McIntire Maggie McIntire, daughter of Miranda McIntire

Maggie wants to be a teacher and a doctor — people and animal — when she grows up.

Cade Neville Cade Neville, son of Nick & Miranda Neville

Cade wants to be a REAL super hero when he grows up.

Rhyse Rutledge Rhyse Rutledge, daughter of Roger & Tracy Rutledge.

Rhyse wants to be a Disney World Princess — Ariel — when she grows up.

Emiley Tamminga Emiley Tamminga, daughter of Douwe & ShaMarie Tamminga

Emiley wants to be a firewoman when she grows up.

Brooklyn Wallace Brooklyn Paige Wallace, daughter of Jonathan & Sandra Wallace

Brooklyn wants to be a vet when she grows up.

Gunner Watson Gunner Grayson Watson, son of Chad & Alisha Watson

Gunner wants to play in his room when he grows up.

Eve West Eve Lamont West, daughter of Crystal & Brandin West.

Eve wants to be a doctor when she grows up.

Madden Wharton Madden Marcus Wharton, son of Justin & Tanee Wharton.

Madden wants to be a deer farmer when he grows up.

Palin Wharton Palin Ainsley Wharton, daughter of Justin & Tanee Wharton.

Palin wants to be a teacher when she grows up.

Carson Wheat Carson Buck Wheat, son of Ashley & Buck Wheat.

Carson wants to be a Ninja Turtle when he grows up.

Wesley Williams Wesley Michael Williams, son of Michael & Shelby Williams

Wesley wants to be a firefighter when he grows up.