Mount Marion Cemetery Fundraising Campaign

Fundraising letters were mailed this week to area residents to help raise funds for the upkeep of the Strawn Cemetery. 

Established in the 1930s, Mount Marion Cemetery Association is responsible for the upkeep of the cemetery grounds and must rely on donations to pay for mowing, weed eating, landscaping, and maintenance.  The Cemetery receives no money from the City, County or State and is a registered 501(c)(13) non-profit.  With over 10 acres and 2000+ graves, Mt. Marion is a difficult and expensive piece of property to maintain, costing approximately $8,000 per year.  In addition to mowing, over the last 9 years, the Association has replaced fencing and added a new rock entrance along Hwy 16 and new gates on the south fence.  Additionally, 50+ trees have been planted/maintained and hundreds more have been pruned or removed.  Approximately 120 old headstones have been repaired and a new flag pole installed.  By taking on the task of maintenance and upkeep, the Cemetery Association has saved the City of Strawn well over $100,000 in expenses, in the past decade alone. 

For those of you who own plots or who have family/friends interred in Mount Marion, we asked that you send a donation to help with upkeep.   Donations can be mailed to:

Mt. Marion Cemetery Association
c/o Jacqueline Hinkson
PO Box 5
Strawn, TX 76475

One Response to "Mount Marion Cemetery Fundraising Campaign"

  1. Shannon   January 13, 2019 at 10:54 PM

    My mother gloria deaton father Gary deaton grandfather t j green and uncle ronnie green and grandmother green is all varied here down the first road to the right and there grave are on the left side please keep.up the good work I live In Bowlinggreen ky dont get to.come down much but thanks for the up keep