Mike Lang to Move From State to County Politics

State Representative Mike Lang (R) announced that he will retire from the Texas House of Representative and will instead run for a Hood County Commissioner seat.  Lang released the following statement Wednesday: 

With the recent decision of Hood County Commissioner White not to seek reelection, it is my intention to run for this position and retire from the Texas House of Representatives at the end of my term. The fight starts at home and we need experienced servant leaders. I believe we can make Hood County a shining example of what local control truly embodies. Though in a different arena, I am still called to fight. This fight has been long overlooked by conservatives, and it starts at the local level.

Rep. Mike Lang currently serving in his second term as State Representative, District 60, has earned top conservative ratings as a champion for taxpayers, pro-life initiatives, the 2nd Amendment, family values; and the list goes on. He is also known for being an accomplished leader garnering respect from his colleagues in the Texas House while furthering grassroots priorities and leading the Texas Freedom Caucus as Chairman.

For years we have heard the mantra of “local control” by tax funded lobbyists and locally elected officials from across the state – and right here at home. While serving in the Texas Legislature, Rep. Lang realized that the sentiment of local control wasn’t there.

“To me, local control means peoples control. Local control does not mean the governments control,” Lang said. “Local communities need to handle local issues like property tax reform and balancing budgets, roads and infrastructure, jails, libraries, etc. The State of Texas needs to handle state issues. For example, the State of Texas does not levy a property tax. Yet, the Texas legislature became embroiled with a senseless battle between local governments and their army of tax funded lobbyists and the people of Texas. We don’t need this division, we need unity, understanding, and leadership at the local level.”

For these reasons, Rep. Lang has decided to return home to make his community better by announcing his candidacy for Hood County Commissioner, Pct. 3. “Leading by example is the only way we will win the war against the Democrats. The front lines are not in DC or Austin; it’s in our backyard,” Lang concluded.