Letter to the Editor in Support of SB 83

Dear Editor:

As a mom and grandmother who is concerned for future generations of Texans, I support SB 83 to secure the Texas electric grid and thank Senator Hall for filing this bill.

I sometimes ask youngsters to weigh their actions, not based solely on probability, but also on the consequences if a bad outcome.

Examples: Failing to return a library book might cost ten cents/day fine. Dropping a can of food on your toe could result in an bruised or broken toe – painful but relatively mild. Running a red light or disregarding train crossing lights could bring devastating consequences.

The last two outcomes are simply unacceptable. We should work diligently to avoid those.

We know electromagnetic pulses (EMP) happen. In fact, we are overdue one just from the sun’s normal activities. Other factors drive that probability much higher.

Further, experts say the consequences could be, not just severe, but dire, including loss of life, vulnerability to unfriendly outside forces, and even a prolonged “dark age.”

I call those possible outcomes unacceptable.

We know how to protect our grid. It’s called hardening. The projected cost is relatively small, perhaps $500 million. Given such dire consequences, failing to act now, while we can, is unconscionable. Let’s get to work NOW to protect Texas.

Please let your legislators know you support SB 83.

Ruth York
Cisco, Texas