Letter to the Editor

letters to the editorI would like to take a little newspaper space to commend and thank all of the business owners and residents of Cisco for their obvious efforts in the progress being made in cleaning up our great community.

Over the recent month or two, there has been a lot of hard work spent on mowing, weed eating, cleanup and trash removal all over our town. Not only is it very pleasing to each one of us that makes Cisco our home but it is also apparent to travelers that are coming through town – things are looking much better. We have comments made to us every day, by locals and strangers alike, as to how nice everything is looking and about the fantastic improvements that are taking place in our little town.

It is amazing how much difference this makes when we talk to a potential business owner about making Cisco their home. Our job becomes much easier when we can be proud of our appearance and when we can show them how they can be proud to be here, as well.

Thanks, also, to our new code enforcement officer, Andrew McQuade, the Cisco Police Department and Cisco City staff for their help in this effort. It really is not a “thankless job” and you are appreciated.

Encourage your neighbors, your friends and your relatives to KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!!! Cisco is LOOKIN’ GOOD!!!

John Diers
Cisco Development Corporation