Let’s Fill Their Mailbags!

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Have you written your officials concerning our electrical grid’s vulnerability to an electromagnetic pulse (EMP)?


Then Tea Party Patriots of Eastland County invites you to join us at 6:30 Thursday, August 11, to write those cards and HAVE FUN doing it!We’ll meet in the Big Dam Room at the Myrtle Wilks Community Center, 1498 IH-20, Cisco.

Texas Senator Bob Hall (SD2) spoke here July 14 regarding the wisdom — necessity, even — of hardening Texas’ electrical grid. Texas is in a unique position to do so, offering potentially life-saving protection and huge business advantages to our State. Senator Hall suggested contacting elected and utility officials in support of such a program.

Set aside an hour Thursday to get those cards in the mail. We’ll have cards, stamps, addresses, information and pens. Just lend us a hand doing it. (Yes, pun intended.)

Everything is more fun when done together, but we’re not leaving that to chance. We’re planning laughter, games and prizes.

We’ll also debut a new project of Tea Party Patriots of Eastland County: The Grateful Texan. Here’s why.

We all like and need encouraging words — public servants included. Most of us don’t do that enough. We’re busy, don’t know what to say, or don’t have cards, stamps and addresses handy. So it doesn’t happen.

The Grateful Texan wants sending those encouraging words to be easy, fun, and highly effective. The Grateful Texan 1) suggests specific reasons — and even wording — to encourage liberty-minded officials; 2) puts addresses at your fingertips; and 3) allows you to send phenomenal cards — real cards — right from your smart phone in seconds.

We’ll help you start Thursday by sending a FREE note of gratitude to someone you appreciate. Then you can easily stay in touch with those who need to hear from you–including our liberty-minded public servants. Help them stay strong: Share encouragement and gratitude often.

Put the power of encouragement to work for freedom!

One Response to "Let’s Fill Their Mailbags!"

  1. Dean Rose   August 11, 2016 at 12:58 PM

    Sounds like someone is going to make some money out of this. I was in the electric field for 20 years, the companies are doing all that can be done to protect their infrastructure. Truth be known there is not much that can help, other than making sure fault detectors can sense the overload before it can do any harm, then drop the system to prevent any damage to the transformers or the power plants. Yes it will take a little while for the system to get back up but if everything works like it is supposed to all will be ok. Sounds like to me someone is using a scare tactic to incite the public.