Kelly McMichael for Chair of Democratic Party, Eastland County

Kelly McMichaelHello everyone—I’m Kelly McMichael, and I am running for Chair of the Democratic Party, Eastland, County. I would appreciate your vote in the upcoming primary election.

Why should you consider me for your county chair? I have been teaching American History at the university level for twenty-three years and have spent a lot of time researching, writing, and presenting on various aspects of American political and social life. But it was not until November 2016 that I decided it wasn’t enough to just teach and train citizens. I needed to do something more involved directly in the political process in order to stop the most damaging legislation of the Trump Administration. Since then, I have been active in several organizations including Texas Women’s March On Organization (which organized the women’s march in Austin,) MoveOn’s Summer of Resistance Training, Indivisible-TX 11 (a non-partisan political group for progressive policies,) and the Democratic Party.
As I understand it, a County Chair fulfills several functions: she organizes and plans the county elections for the party, she maintains the party in the county and actively recruits members, plans and hosts events, and finds candidates to run for office at all levels of the ballot—both at the county level and regionally.

I consider myself a “New Deal” Democrat in the vein of Franklin Roosevelt, Lyndon B. Johnson, Barbara Jordan, and Ann Richards. I believe that we have a duty to help our fellow citizens, whether that be veterans returning to civilian life, the poor, the sick, or immigrants. I believe that healthcare is a right and not a privilege and that it should be affordable for all. I believe that education is the backbone of a strong society and that public schools are essential. To that end, teachers must be paid more and afforded more respect and support. Our county needs better infrastructure, such as high-speed internet, that will bring businesses here, creating good-paying jobs for our children. I believe that policies for our farmers and ranchers need to be changed so that they can make a living on their land—not by taking second or third off-farm jobs to live.

For too long, Democrats in Eastland County have been in hiding. No more. This is our time. I am excited to be a Texas Democrat, and I believe that the Democratic Party in Eastland can be a strong force for good again. I hope you will join me in that effort. Please vote in the upcoming primary. And if you would like to be more involved in the party, please contact me. We are actively soliciting party officials and precinct chairs. We have several events coming this spring. Please stay alert to these opportunities.

Submitted by Kelly McMichael, Candidate for Democratic Party Chair of Eastland County