Illegal Campaign Signs to be Removed

campaign signsThe City of Eastland is giving notice that campaign signs left on state right of way or city easement are now in violation of state election laws as well as city ordinances. State election laws and TxDOT rules require ALL campaign signs to be removed within 10 days following an election. In accordance with the state rules and to bring properties into compliance with City Ordinance the City of Eastland will begin removing political signs left in state right of way or upon city easement on Monday, November 26.

All campaign signs are required by state election law to carry a disclosure stating the sign will not be placed within state right of way, yet the majority are placed there during campaign seasons.

City of Eastland Zoning Ordinance, Section 4, Sign Regulations 4-6 PROHIBITS SIGNS within public street rights-of-ways, public easements, alleys or upon any utility pole. A general rule of thumb is a City easement is any area located within 15 feet of a curb or 20 feet from the edge of a street.