Governor Abbott Announces Phase 2 of Reopening Texas

Governor Abbott issued Executive Order GA-23 on 18 May 2020.  This new Executive Order from the Governor outlines in detail the types of businesses, facilities, and venues that can open or expand their guest capacity and the dates for the changes. EO GA-23 is located at:

Open Texas Checklist is another State of Texas resource with extensive information in a searchable format.  It is located at  The Open Texas Checklist has information on a variety of business types, events, sports, and facilities along with the effective date for the reopening or expansion.  Limitations and health protocols are also listed for each type.

If you have questions about a particular type of business, I suggest that you start with these two resources developed by the State.  Pay attention to the effective dates that are listed for the various types of businesses and venues. Let’s keep working as a team to get back to normal in a safe manner.  Many people and many resources have been diligently at work 24/7 to keep Eastland County going.  Finally, I want to recognize our First Responders that provide services from Fire, Law Enforcement, EMS, and Dispatchers in these difficult times.  Thank you all!

Respectfully submitted.

Rex Fields
Eastland County Judge