Gordon Citizen Concerned With Dogs Running Loose

Citizens in Gordon are concerned about aggressive dogs running loose in town. Although there is a leash ordinance on the books, with no code enforcement officer to enforce it, some citizens continue to let their dogs roam free.

Local citizen, Blake Rexroat is using social media to rally others who have had problems with aggressive dogs in town to join him Monday night at the Gordon City Council meeting.

Rexroat said his kids and neighbors have been chased by a pit bull that has recently appeared in the neighborhood. He became concerned enough to take action after chasing off the dog when it was after his kids, only to have the dog come after him.

Now Rexroat wants a conversation with the Gordon City Council to see what could be done to impress on citizens that it is not safe for those walking or riding bikes on the streets and it’s dangerous for the dogs to be roaming the town unrestrained.

Rexroat started a petition on change.org to encourage other Gordon citizens to voice their concern. The petition states:

Gordon is currently experiencing an increase in the amount of loose and unattended dogs roaming public streets/spaces. As a result, dog attacks are now occurring and safety has become a concern for many citizens. Make your voice heard and let our elected officials know that animal control must be a top priority.

Consider signing this petition for Gordon City Council to hire a full-time or part-time Animal Control Officer.

Be part of something positive to make our community safe again!

Click to Sign the Petition

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