Finally! Wonderful News at Lake Leon

The Eastland County Water Supply District is proud to announce that construction has begun on the emergency spillway and the backslope of the dam. The final part of this project will be the new road and guardrails over the dam. a pre-construction meeting was held on Monday, June 1st. Construction began the next day.

Cris Parker and Rollie Boehm with HDR Engineering out of Austin have made all the design plans and have taken care of getting approval from all the government agencies that have to be involved. Scott Hay with Enprotec/Hibbs and Todd also worked with HDR daily on the application process. Dorado Construction Group from San Angelo was chosen to be the contractor. There were seven bids received with Dorado being the lowest at $2,146,500. The highest bid was for $3,861,716. Dorado was the only company bidding that sent a full team to perform a site investigation, including excavation of a test pit, prior to the bid opening.

TxDOT will be installing square culverts at the end of the spillway at RR 2461 and paving over the top. Jay Mills from Stephenville is to pave the road over the dam. Flint Stone Construction from Cisco is a subcontractor that will complete the project by adding riprap. Total proposed length of work per contract is 210 days not including bad or wet weather.

The Board of Directors would like to thank Morris Greenhaw, Rodney Shelton and all the many others around the lake that came to meetings in 2007 after the worst flood experienced since the lake was built in 1953. In this event, 218 homes/cabins had anywhere from 1 inch up to 8 feet of water in them. The above group were encouraging and persistent to get something done to reduce this amount of damage. Who would have ever thought in their wildest imagination it would take 13 years to make it happen. As explained in the beginning, when you are dealing with the Federal and State Government, nothing happens quickly. the Board would also like to thank County Judge Rex Fields for his part in getting all the approval from many different agencies.

Finally, a work in progress. We certainly needed some good news during these crazy times.

Photos taken June 1, 2020, provided by Dorado Construction

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