EEDI Board Meeting Notes from September 12th

On September 12, 2019, a meeting of the Eastland Economic Development, Inc. Board of Directors was held. Members present were; Vicki Bradley, Mark Pipkin, Carolyn White and Jason Cochran. Executive Director, Tom Bailey, was present along with city staff members Ron Duncan, Roma Holley and Mayor, Larry Vernon.

Vicki Bradley called the meeting to order at 12:11 p.m. The Invocation was offered by Mark Pipkin and Carolyn White led the Pledge of Allegiance. Donald Cate’s financial report for the month of August was approved along with the minutes of the August 12th meeting.

Executive Director, Tom Bailey reviewed a request from Sean Mosher, owner of Maverick Logistics, to purchase two acres of property from the EEDI located on Joe Beaty Drive near the Eastland Airport. After discussion and consideration in closed session, the EEDI Board voted to sell two acres of property to Maverick Logistics and agreed to furnish a waterline and meter to the property as requested.

Mr. Bailey reviewed a request from El Reno Energy to lease a block of land in the EEDI Business Park. El Reno would operate a trucking company from the site along with oil-related activities. As payment for the lease, El Reno would construct Crockett Drive as located on the original plat of the park along with other land improvements within the park. After discussion and consideration in closed session, the board voted to move forward with the project pending development of an acceptable agreement with El Reno.

The board discussed the need for a drainage study of the business park and decided such a study was not needed at this time. As the park develops, the board will revisit the possible need for a study. Next, Mr. Bailey and Ron Duncan informed the board of an offer from Mike Batteas for an easement across his property along the old Bankhead Highway. The board voted to accept the easement from Mr. Batteas and instructed Mr. Bailey to proceed with the process.

After a brief review of other EEDI projects by Mr. Bailey, Carolyn White made the motion to adjourn which passed unanimously.