Eastland County Takes Measures to Protect Citizens, County Staff, Officials, and Operations of Local Government

Today, during a meeting of the Eastland County Commissioners’ Court, a unanimous vote was taken to issue a declaration of local disaster for Eastland County, Texas. This legal action is enabled by Texas Government Code Section 418 and opens the process for assistance from state and federal resources as may be needed along with allowing extraordinary measures to protect the public. The declaration is a direct result from the COVID 19 coronavirus. A confirmed case of COVID 19 is now in Eastland County. The confirmed case came from a test at the Comanche County Hospital on a Cisco resident. This person is reported to be sheltering at home and isolating from others as is the standard protocol for the situation. I anticipate that as more test results are sent back to Eastland Memorial Hospital and other medical facilities, the total of confirmed cases will rise.

With the confirmation of the positive COVID 19 case, Commissioners’ Court took steps today to restrict foot traffic in the Courthouse, Annex, County Barns, and Sheriff’s Office. The offices in these county buildings will be available by appointment only. Anyone needing assistance, will have to call the specific office to make an appointment. At the Courthouse, all foot traffic will be required to enter at the south door. A screening process similar to the one at Eastland Memorial Hospital will be used at the security desk on the first floor. It’s important to know that Officials and staff at all offices and departments will continue to work. These folks will be processing documents by eFile, responding to emails, regular mail, telephone calls, enforcing laws, maintaining roads, and will be seeing people in person when appropriate. Let’s work together to stop the spread of COVID 19. Our Eastland County health authority states that if people avoid social gatherings, this action will be very helpful in the effort to stop the virus. Finally, please pray for the people affected by this new disease. We need prayer now more than ever before.

Thank you
Respectfully submitted,
Rex Fields
Eastland County Judge

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  1. Jacob Phillips   March 24, 2020 at 7:38 AM