Eastland County Museum is NOT Closing

Museum-ThumbnailRecently the Eastland County Museum put the word out that we were in need of returning items on loan. It apparently caused some confusion and we would like to clarify at this time.

Prior to 2011 when the board for the Museum was reorganized many items were left at the Museum ‘on loan’. After the stroke of then curator/manager Ed Allcorn, and the appointment by court of a new board of directors, it was decided the Museum would no longer accept items “on loan” unless requested by the board for a specific exhibit such as the Our Lives, Our Stories: America’s Greatest Generation hosted by the Museum in 2015. This decision was in part due to liability insurance issues as well as ownership validation. Many items prior to 2011 had been left at the Museum without proper ownership documentation.

Over the years people have contacted the Museum requesting to retrieve their items loaned. Without documentation it is difficult to confirm ownership. Several items were returned to person or persons claiming ownership when in fact they had no rights according to other family members. This put the Museum in a precarious situation.

Many people who have donated items to the Museum have contacted us in regards to their items’ future. We hope we have successfully relayed to them the Museum is NOT closing and the items they donated will remain. Please remember if you donated an item or items after 2011, (and some before then) documentation was completed transferring complete ownership of the item(s) to the Eastland County Museum. The 2011 documentation addresses the Museum may retain ownership, transfer ownership or even dispose of an item donated in any manner the Museum may see fit. DO NOT PANIC! This does not mean the Museum will just toss your item(s) in the garbage. Every attempt will be made to find a new home for the item either by transferring to another Museum, placing the item(s) in an education (hands on) collection, or by sales to a collector (this can generate funding for the Museum). Tossing in the garbage is a last resort and reserved for items that may be in disrepair.

Another bit of information that may have caused many to believe the Museum was closing is the opening of Ol’ Drips Coffee Shoppe. Ol’ Drips Coffee Shoppe is renting space from the Museum so they can be ‘on the square’ and hopefully(?) become so successful they have to find more space to serve their coffees, sandwiches and sweets! We are excited to help the Walkers in this new adventure for them and welcome them to Eastland and their staff to the Eastland County Museum. We think this venture is a win-win for both of us! We hope everyone will stop by and welcome them and patronize their business.

With the addition of Ol’ Drips Coffee Shoppe the hours for the mainfloor Museum has extended to Monday through Friday 6 am to 6 pm and Saturdays 7 am to 1 pm. Stop by and have a cup of coffee and something to munch on while you visit the Museum!

As always entry to the Museum is FREE of charge. Donations are always welcome and very much appreciated. The Museum operates day to day solely by monthly contributions by the Eastland County Commissioners Court, office space rentals from the third floor, and donations. We are a 501 (c) (3) charitable organization designated by the IRS making your donation(s) tax deductible.

If you would be interested in volunteering as a docent for the Museum please contact any of our board members.

Preserving our past for our future.

Thank you!
Eastland County Museum Board of Directors
Vicki Armstrong, Robert Culverhouse, Lonnie Doyle, Jeanie Griffin, Tricia Hatton, Gail Norris, Terry Simmons.

114 South Seaman Street Eastland, TX 76448 254-631-0437