Governor’s Orders Allow Eastland County Businesses to Expand from 50% to 75%

Governor Abbott issued Executive Order GA-26 on 3 June 2020 which starts Phase Three of reopening Texas.  This new Executive Order from the Governor outlines in detail the types of businesses, facilities, and venues that can open or expand their guest capacity and the dates for the changes. EO GA-26 is located at:

EO GA-26 allows for some businesses that were limited to 50% of capacity to open at 75% capacity starting on 12 June 2020, with an attestation signed by the respective county judge and approved by the Texas Dept of State Health Services (DSHS.)  I have talked with our local health authority, Dr. Robert DeLuca on the requirements from DSHS for the attestation.  Dr. Deluca and I think that with a total of seven positive cases of COVID-19 (none recent) for Eastland County and with other resources in place, we can now meet the DSHS standards allowing me to sign the attestation form.  This process, under the Governor’s most recent directive, allows some businesses to open to 75% of capacity.  I have signed the attestation form, sent it to the Texas Dept of State Health Services (DSHS) and we have been approved.

Below is the approval that I received from DSHS:

“We have determined that your county meets the threshold of 10 or fewer COVID-19 cases. On or after June 12, 2020, you may proceed to expand opening any business authorized to open at 50% occupancy, to open at up to 75% occupancy, consistent with GA-26 and DSHS’ minimum health protocols.”

This approval from the state will allow a business that was previously open to 50% to be able to go to 75% capacity at 12:01 AM on 12 June 2020. 

If you have questions about your specific type of business, I suggest that you use the Open Texas Checklist which is a State of Texas resource with extensive information in a searchable format.  It is located at  The Open Texas Checklist has information on a variety of business types, events, sports, and facilities along with the effective date for the reopening or expansion.  Let’s keep working on moving forward!  Thank you for your patience.

Respectfully submitted.

Rex Fields
Eastland County Judge

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