Eastland County COVID-19 Update, May 19, 2020

Eastland County Health Officials
Judge Rex Fields
Dr. Robert Deluca
Eastland Memorial Hospital

May 19, 2020 – We have received several negative results as of this morning but we still have pending results from multiple testing sites. While we understand that community members want and need to know who is positive we as healthcare providers take an oath respecting our patients’ privacy. Persons that test positive have rights and public health is always considered when dealing with issues in this crisis. We are fortunate that we have been able to enlist the National Guard in testing all the nursing home residents and staff as has been ordered by Governor Abbott.  As businesses continue to reopen in phases, we encourage everyone to follow the state protocols listed in publication of OPEN TEXAS. This will help ensure that businesses will continue to operate while avoiding a surge of new COVID-19 cases.  

I want to send out a special thanks to Bryan Jackson. He and his team put together a fantastic circus this past weekend. This was done for many reasons, including assisting these performers who have been out of work due to the crisis. It has also brought a marvelous entertainment opportunity to our community. Bryan sent his operational plan to the city and county officials for approval. He had a well-designed and practical plan.  The audience remained at socially safe distances in their own automobiles. Over 500 people were able to enjoy the show.   We owe this success to Bryan Jackson who saw a need for a positive impact for the communities as well as performers in this time of crisis and within a few weeks organized a wonderful event. Thank you, Bryan and his staff, for coming together to fulfill the need.

At the same time, our Eastland movie theater reopened. A thanks goes out to Rhyne Hobbs and the Eastland Fine Arts Association, for diligently planning for all the numerous safeguards following guidelines listed by the state. Thanks to all who volunteered in this effort as well as all the courteous movie patrons. 

Eastland County can be grateful for the wonderful work these two groups have done providing the much-needed positivity for the communities in addition to respecting guidelines laid down to protect others. As always stay safe and be kind.

Dr. Robert DeLuca

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