Eastland County Commissioners’ Court accepts resignation

In a meeting of Eastland County Commissioners’ Court today, Martin Gohlke, the County Commissioner for Precinct Two filed a letter of resignation to be effective on this date.  Mr. Gohlke was elected to this position in 2018 and has served the citizens of Precinct Two and Eastland County as Commissioner since January of 2019. Mr. Gohlke worked in the crew for Precinct Two for several years before he was elected as the commissioner.  He cited personal reasons for his resignation. Eastland County Commissioners’ Court accepted Mr. Gohlke’s resignation. Texas Local Government Code Sec. 87.042 gives authority to the county judge to fill the vacancy of county commissioner. The newly-appointed commissioner will serve until the votes are canvassed from the next general election for county officers and then the person elected will serve the unexpired term of office.

James Crenshaw is the foreman for Precinct Two and he will continue leading all operations for the precinct in the interim until a commissioner is appointed.  The office at the yard for Commissioner Precinct 2 can be reached at 254-647-1463 or in person at 812 Loop 254 West, Ranger TX 76470.

The Commissioners and I want to publically thank Mr. Gohlke for his service.  We all enjoyed working with Martin and wish him the best.

Thank you.

Respectfully submitted,

Rex Fields
Eastland County Judge