Eastland City Manager Orders Changes to City Facilities Restrictions as Texas Reopens

The Governors Executive Order No. 18 reopened selected businesses to 25% capacity beginning on May 1, 2020. While the restrictions on city facilities will continue, some facilities will reopen to the public. Other restrictions are likely required for the foreseeable future.

      1. The Municipal Pool is closed for the 2020 Swimming seasonThe Governor’s order still prohibits use of public swimming pools.  However, even if the governor removes the prohibition, due to the social distancing
        requirements to minimize spread  of the COVID -019, we cannot open our citypool. We realize this reduces opportunities for family recreation.  However, opening the pool, even at reduced capacity, is not practical with children at play in a water park environment.
      2. City Park:  Remains closed for any social gatherings. However, the park is open to small family activities, the playground and outdoor exercise.
      3. Airport:  No group meetings will be held or scheduled. Flight operations will continue as usual. 
      4. City HallThe City Hall foyer is now open to the public for business.  Please heed the social distancing instructions to protect you, our other guests and staff.  The public cannot enter other city offices without an appointment.  Non-City Hall assigned employees will be able to make appointments with all city hall offices by phone or email.  Meetings in the City Commission Chamber must be conducted using social distancing or done as virtual meetings using social media platforms.
      5. Senior Citizens Center:  Remains closed to the public until further notice.  All programs and activities are cancelled. 
      6. Police and Fire Departments:  The foyer will be open to the public, no admittance beyond that point except by appointment only.   

For questions please stop by Eastland City Hall, 113 E Commerce St. Monday through Friday 8 a.m. – 5 p.m., excluding holidays, or call during business hours at (254) 629-8321.