Eastland Business Owners invited to “Innovation” Luncheon

On Wednesday, Nov. 8th at noon, Bryan will be hosting a luncheon at his place of business at 925 E. Main in Eastland to discuss the details of this program. All business owners and representatives of the below-listed charitable organizations are invited to attend.

Innovation…it’s not a new word at Bryan’s Auto-Signs-Computers in Eastland! Since Bryan Jackson started his auto parts supply store in 1985, he has consistently added services and inventory to his enterprise, making it one-of-a-kind in the West Central Texas area.

Throughout his business career, Bryan has always sought new and innovative ways to support our local economy in Eastland. He realizes that Amazon and other online sales outlets take money out of Eastland, and little or none of it comes back into our economy. Bryan wants to do something to combat that problem and his latest innovative idea is one that can be used by any business that desires to give back to their community.

Bryan has been a strong supporter of local charitable organizations for many years, and he has come up with a new way to strengthen the local economy while, at the same time, giving back even more to the community. He knows that over 65% of every dollar spent in Eastland stays in Eastland, while a dollar spent with Amazon and the likes yields minuscule return.

Here’s how Bryan’s proposal will work…

When a customer makes a cash or credit card purchase from Bryans Auto Supply, Bryans Signs, or Bryans Computers, the customer will be required to designate the charity of their choice, and Bryan will donate 1% of that sale, excluding sales tax, to said charity. At this time, eligible charitable organizations are Project E.C.H.O., Eastland County Crisis Center, Eastland Meals on Wheels, Cisco Senior Nutrition Program, The Open Door, and Eastland County Museum.

The team at Bryans is working with Eastland Economic Development Corporation and the Eastland Chamber of Commerce to encourage other merchants to participate in this initiative to support local businesses – and local charities.