Drive Across Texas and Texas Bucket List Filming at Bryans Motorcycle Museum

You’re invited to be a part of the Bryan Jackson interviews and filming for the Drive Across Texas and Texas Bucket List TV shows this weekend in Eastland Texas. The first segment will be at the Bryans Motorcycle Museum on Friday afternoon, October 5th at 3:00PM. The next segment will begin Saturday morning, Oct 6th at 8:30AM at the courthouse square before the Old Rip Parade. It will conclude with Bryan taking to the streets with an exhibition of some of his world record setting talent on motorcycles. All of Bryan’s stunt units will be on display, after the parade, at the annual Old Rip Car Show at the Vertical Adrenaline Ministries booth.

The Bryans Motorcycle Museum is located at Bryans Auto Supply in Eastland Texas at 925 E Main Street. The Offical Grand Opening, with FREE lunch and Giveaways, will be Tuesday, October 9th at 12:15PM.

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