County Government in Action, CERRG Leadership Class

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The fourth session of the CERRG Leadership Class was “County Government in Action”. Officials in county government provided insights to functions, resources and challenges of their respective offices. The information presented gave a comprehensive view of the responsibilities of the county that affect nearly every aspect of a citizen’s life.

Presentations were made by County Judge Rex Fields, County Auditor Loretta Key, District Attorney Russ Thomason, County Clerk Cathy Jentho, County Sheriff Wayne Bradford and Jail Administrator Lynn Brownlee.

The leadership class met with county officials to learn about duties and activities that are handled daily in the county offices. Following lunch the class had a unique tour in the secure area of the county jail to see firsthand the processing of prisoners, view where inmates stay and understand the volume of cases handled through the facility. They also toured the original jail built in 1897. Program facilitator Nicki Harle concluded the day with a material for personal and professional development.

The acronym used for the CERRG Leadership Program stands for Cisco-Eastland-Ranger-Rising Star-Gorman. The purpose of the county-wide program is to develop motivated, skilled and effective leaders who will contribute to the future growth and direction of Eastland County. For information about submitting an application for the 2018-2019 CERRG Leadership Program, contact the Eastland Chamber of Commerce office 254-629-2332.