Correctional Officer Week May 7th-13th


On May 5, 1984, then-President Ronald Reagan issued Proclamation 5187-National Correctional Officers’ Week. The first full week in May.

Correctional officers are trained law enforcement professionals dedicated to maintaining safe correctional facilities and ensuring the public safety. Though the job of correctional officers is often very challenging and, at times, stressful, the thousands who work the corrections profession every day perform their duties well and with great pride. They are brave, courageous and tenacious individuals who put their lives and health at risk every day to keep the public safe and provide a multitude of services to the nation’s offenders. They have a tremendous responsibility and are owed our nation’s gratitude. Correctional officers are most deserving of our respect, our thanks and the highest praise.

Lynn Brownlee
Jail Administrator
Eastland County Sheriff Office