City of Eastland Utility Rate Increases Appear in November Billing

Eastland City LogoThe recently approved utilities increase for City of Eastland customers will appear in your November bill due December 20th. The increases stem from the increased debt services for construction of the new wastewater treatment plant, as well as increased cost of water purchased from Eastland County Water Supply District.

“All of us with the City regret the need to increase these rates,” said Eastland City Manager Ron Duncan, “but to continue to provide quality services and maintain our water and sewer systems at or above required standards, the increases are necessary.”

For Eastland residents inside the city limits the new rates include a $5 increase to water and a $19.93 to sewer charges for a total of $24.93 per month. These rates will increase the minimum monthly utility bill for water, sewer and garbage to a total of $100.47, up from the previous minimum of $75.74.

Customers outside the city limits, whose rates are higher than customers inside the city limits, will have their minimum increase from $79.14 to $104.79.

City of Eastland utility bills are mailed the last business day of each month and are due by the 20th of the following month.

As conveniences to our customers, the City offers two plans including monthly average water billing and bank drafting services.

For questions on this or any other City of Eastland matters, contact Eastland City Hall at 254-629-8321 or drop by 113 E Commerce St.

One Response to "City of Eastland Utility Rate Increases Appear in November Billing"

  1. Alan Goode   November 20, 2017 at 6:15 PM

    This is ridiculous ! What are widows and poor people that have social security as their only income going to do ? I have lived in Eastland for 60 years and the town has had around 3000 population all of these years. The only thing that has grown is government !