Cisco Texas Firefighter Living His Dream

David HatfieldFor Cisco Texas firefighter David Hatfield, it all comes down to thirds. He spent the first third of his career raising cattle, and now he spends one-third of his time doing what loves the most – helping others in times of crisis. He not only fights fires of all sorts;  house fires, oil field fires, range fires gone wild, vehicle fires and explosions, he also acts as first responder to a variety of emergency situations.

Hatfield is a graduate of the 2011 Cisco College (Abilene) Fire Academy. After graduation, he quickly found employment as an EMT with Metrocare in 2011, and then he was hired as one of three full-time firefighters with the Cisco Fire Department in January of 2013.

Hatfield explains, “There is not a better job in the world than being a firefighter. Every day I am on duty I wake up excited to be going to work. It’s all about helping people and that’s what I love to do”.

On any given day Hatfield may extricate an accident victim from a wreck on Interstate 20, help someone who stubbed a toe, get a cat out of a tree, try to save a family’s residence from burning down, or fight a major range fire with other Fire Departments  from throughout the area.

David Hatfield And the flexible 24 hour on 48 hour off work schedule typical for firefighters really only comprises 1/3 of his time, allowing him to continue his work as a rancher and be present for family activities and events.  This greatly pleases his wife April and their two children, Destiny 14, and Dylan 12.

When asked if it was difficult to go back to school and re-train for another career while working full time, Hatfield answered, “Yes it was hard. It took a lot of personal sacrifice from me and from my family. But it was definitely worth it. All the classes are in the evening, so I was able to continue working at my job during the day. The third happiest event of my life was the day I graduated from the Cisco College Fire Academy. The other two were the day I married my wife and the days my kids were born”.

David Hatfield is a happy man – he’s living his dream, touching lives of others and helping his community in the process.

If it is your dream to be a Firefighter, then look into the Cisco College Fire Academy. They are currently recruiting for the 2013-2014 class. Please email  or call her at 325-794-4408 to schedule your informational meeting and secure your slot in this competitive program.  Deadline for the entire application and acceptance process is June 3rd, 2013, so contact the Fire Academy today. More information is available at