Cisco Fire Department Taking Applications

The Cisco Fire Department is taking applications for volunteer firefighters. We currently have 8 openings. The benefit of the volunteer fire service saves billions of dollars across the United States and the pride of helping your community. If you think you have what it takes come by the fire department and take a tour and apply.

Volunteer fire departments across the state and the USA are at Condition Critical!!!

Membership is on the decline and donations are way down. It cost in the neighborhood of $10,805.00 to equip one firefighter this includes:
Self Contained Breathing Apparatus-$6,500.00
Portable Radio-$1,200.00
Bunker Coat and Pants-$2,300.00
This is based on the last purchases the fire department made over the last few years.

Brush Truck-$150,000.00
Fire Engine-$400,000.00
Ladder Truck-$800,000.00 to $1,000,000.00

City Budget…

The Fire Department Budget is $346,426.57 for fiscal year 2018-2019

Since January 2019 The volunteer fire department has saved the city/county over $10,000.00 in labor costs according to the going rate from FEMA for volunteer labor.

By having a combination of paid and volunteer fire department eases the tax burden on the citizens of Cisco. However the decline in the volunteer service is going on throughout the nation causing the formation of Emergency Service Districts (ESD), Fire Protection Districts which is another taxing authority and also leads tax increases from local governments to hire full time fire departments. Several factors come in to play, 1.Firefighters have have employers that will not let them leave on occasion for fire calls, 2. Both husband and wife have to work to make ends meet, 3. In general we all have busier lives than before, its a tough balance between family life, work and being volunteer firefighter.

Membership Benefits:
Free training
Free equipment
$100.00 Stipend for 24 hour shifts worked.
Once you are certified Firefighter II you are eligible for free college tuition.

Membership Benefits

Must be in good health and physical condition
Must have clean driving record and NO criminal record other than a class C misdemeanor
Must pass physical agility test
Must pass SCBA consumption test
Must have transportation and a Texas drivers license.

Come Join The Hottest Team In Town!!!!